Mats Welcome the New School Year Right

Sarah Burnick, Staff Writer

The bleachers thundered as hundreds of feet pounded. A roar of cheering and a wave of students jumping to their feet follow as three of their fellow classmates ran around the gym dancing. This year’s rally leaders made their debut as Miramonte welcomed the new school year with an Iron Chef themed back-to-school rally on Friday, September 2nd.

The school-wide event began with a video where the newly elected rally leaders Ryan Little, Liam Madsen, and Robbie Tennant made their first on-screen appearance. All grades watched and laughed at the leaders adventure of self discovery — their dream of opening a food truck became a reality, just to discover that the only thing they knew how to do was throw a tortilla into a blender. As well as problem solving — powering the blender in their car by purchasing a shopping cart full of extension cords before realizing that the best chefs would be found at Miramonte. The production ended with the leaders running towards the Miramonte gym.

The overhead lights went out, bass-heavy music blared, and colored lights flashed around the gym as the crowd jumped to their feet and cheered. The big three ran into the gym, causing a roar to erupt from the eagerly-waiting spectators. Continuing with the theme, the leaders started  with a “cook off” involving a team from each grade and of staff to create a dish from the wide variety of ingredients provided. The teams set off, sprinting and slipping over the cautionary tarps towards the ingredients table in the center of the gym. Grabbing whatever was in their reach, the class and staff representatives frantically threw together their meals, working to impress the judges.

“Being on the rally team was one of the most fun things I’ve done at Miramonte yet,” said junior Allison Burkhalter. “I enjoyed the rally even more because of this and it’s definitely been the best rally yet.”

The leaders tasted each dish that was created, ultimately deciding that the bowl full with miscellaneous ingredients topped with an entire can of whipped cream earned a ten out of ten score, starting the year off with a senior class victory.

Finishing off with grade cheers, fall sport captain recognitions, and ASB announcements and recognitions, the first rally of the school year seemingly left a lasting impression on the students. “The rally was a lot better than years past because it was fun to see the staff involved and the rally leaders did a much better job with the video than in the past,” said senior Leila Minowada.