Miramonte Student Encounters Clown


Aryan Singh

This clown was spotted by Signh in Richmond.

Makenna Millham, Staff Writer

Miramonte freshman Aryan Singh reports having two clown encounters; one incident occurred on a hike and the other at a store. The first encounter occurred on a discrete trail in Richmond. “I was on a hike and I saw a clown,” Singh said. “It chased me with a knife. He eventually gave up though.” According to Singh, most clown encounters he has heard of occur in public spaces or in the woods.

 The second encounter was also in Richmond at Raley’s. “I was driving around at 12 p.m. when I saw one outside the store,” Singh said. “The clown was holding a free hugs sign and balloons.”  Whether this clown had the intent of causing harm is unknown.

  What may be a source of humor to many has become a national issue. Within the past three months several Americans have had menacing clown encounters while doing mundane tasks ranging from driving to simply walking to school. Some have brushed this off as a part of the Halloween season, but others are not taking these threats lightly. One New Haven school has even prohibited clown costumes, declaring them a symbol of terror and Target has removed all their clown inventory.

  Many of these incidents have occurred on college campuses. Former Miramonte student Olivia Chandler reported rumors of clowns on her campus at University of Colorado, Boulder. “People aren’t necessarily scared, but no one wants to run into them,” Chandler said.

The original clown sighting was reported two months ago in Greenville, South Carolina after clowns attempted to lure children, 10 and 13, into the woods using money as bait. Since then the costume has become a communal facade for pranksters and criminals alike. There have been reports of threatening clown encounters in as many as 37 states. Additionally, clowns have created a presence on social media. Several accounts have surfaced and are being used as a vehicle to send threats.

 Some of these threats have resulted in school lockdowns. As many as 13 people have been arrested and one incident in Pennsylvania resulted in a fatal stabbing. As October progresses, there is fear that these threats will intensify. “I think everyone is more concerned about this upcoming Halloween,” Chandler said.