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What Type of Foodie Are You?
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What Foreign Netflix Show Should You Watch?
Students Recall Their Summer Activities

Olivia Uzuncan, Staff Writer
September 6, 2021

The final bell rings on May 29th, 2021, not only marking the official end of the school year, but also the start of the long-anticipated...

Class of 2020 Recovers from COVID-19 Impact

Reese Smith & Sophia Acevedo, Staff Writer & Entertainment Editor
September 6, 2021

The football field is decorated with white chairs lined up row after row, each one filled with a familiar face. The principal stands...

The College Tour Diaries

Aiden Bowen, Business and Advertising Team
September 6, 2021

Senior year, the year filled with college applications, long meetings with counselors, and most of all, boring tours led by droning...

Students Face the Delta Variant

Jonathan Su & Luke Lewis, Staff Writer
September 6, 2021

With a high fever of 101 degrees, a sore throat, and chills all over their body, the tired Miramonte student could only wait for their...

Why School Schedules Should Be Released Earlier

Degen Naldoza, Online Entertainment Editor
September 6, 2021

The infamous bright orange schedule change request form is a first week of school nightmare that Miramonte students, counselors, and...

Students Contemplate Whether They Should Take the PSAT

Mika Strickler , Staff Writer
September 5, 2021

Sophomore Leila Maboudian frantically scribbles down answers, her stress pushing her to write faster.  The heat of the moment...

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