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California Ballot Propositions Need to be Examined

Thomas Marriner, Staff Writer

November 4, 2016

Filed under Opinion

While the focus this election cycle has been almost solely on the presidential race, Orindans and Californians alike will have far more to select than just one name this Tuesday. Among those choices are 17 California state ballot p...

Why are we Afraid of Year-Round Schooling?

Thomas Marriner, Staff Writer

October 5, 2016

Filed under Opinion, Top Stories

Students cherish the long summer vacation. After all, it is a ten week break from the stress that school brings into the lives of many. However, researchers have long proven (dating back to William F. White’s 1906 study) th...

Why is Prom Stressful?

Sofia Ruiz and Madison Alvarado

March 18, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Junior Riley McCormick sits glossy-eyed and brain-fried at her computer, mindlessly scrolling through dresses, each image just a blur of color and a price tag. She is several hours and multiple websites in, and still hasn’t ev...

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