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Eloise Engs
First year staff member Eloise Engs is a junior and is thrilled about writing for the Mirador, especially because it is located near the pool so she can arrive early to swim practice.  Motivated to get the maximum pool time she often begins taking the tarps off early and volunteering to put them back on alone so she can increase the amount of yards in the workout.  She has an unusual passion for swimming and is constantly informing people that “chlorine is her perfume”. In her rare spare time she uploads makeup tutorials to youtube (be sure to subscribe @swimpolo_eloise).  Her channel has yet to take off, but she has high hopes for the near future. Her biggest accomplishment thus far is when her make-up tutorial received a total of 11 views.

Eloise Engs, Staff Writer

Oct 18, 2017
The Miramonte “Food Chain” is Harmful to Underclassmen (Story)
Miramonte High School's Newspaper
Eloise Engs