Owning a Pet Can Help with the Boringness of Quarantine

Isla Burch, Staff Writer

Over the past few months, some students and their families have taken it upon themselves to raise animals and foster. Owning a pet has numerous benefits, ranging from reducing stress to keeping active, to even improving your social life. So, it makes sense to surround yourself with your furry, hairy and feathered loved ones, during these tough times.

Sierra Barnes: 

Sierra Barnes who is currently fostering five kittens, who only recently opened their eyes for the first time. Barnes will be fostering these kittens until they are healthy enough to be put up for adoption. “Fostering is a great opportunity to support local animal shelters, especially in times like right now, that don’t have enough volunteers or resources to care for their animals,” Barnes said. There are responsibilities that come with fostering and it can be challenging. These responsibilities include giving them their medication, taking them to veterinary appointments, and making sure they are well socialized. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely worth it in the long run. And it’s a great chance to see if your family is ready for another pet,” Barnes said.

Emery Anderson: 

When Emery Anderson and her family lost their beloved dog in December, they knew that their other dog, Luna, would need a companion soon. So, they decided to get Lola, who’s a golden labradoodle. “We had enough love and time to bring another dog into the house so we decided to. To say the least, Luna is very happy with her new friends,” Anderson said. In addition to welcoming Lola into their family, Anderson also created an instagram page to keep her followers up-to-date on Lola’s everyday activities. @lolaspuppyland

Kate Blanchard: 

Since quarantine, many families have decided to get chickens. Kate Blanchard and her family did just this, when they came home from a tractor supply store with four chicks. They only wanted to keep two chicks, so they gave the other two chicks to Junior Grace Barmmer’s family. “We already have chickens, but they’re getting older and laying fewer eggs so it was time to introduce some fluffy friends to the family,” Blanchard said. They named their new additions Buttigieg and Hennessy, and are excited to see them grow!