The Best Fall Movies to Binge with Friends and Family

Grace Liu and Kirstin Parker

No fall season is complete without watching the classic movies that come along with it! The Mirador compiled a list of some of our favorite movies to watch this season. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

“It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” is a 1966 American animated television special based on the comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schultz. The story revolves around Linus’ wholehearted belief in the Great Pumpkin, the Halloween version of Santa Claus. This is a great movie to watch with kids and family.


Hocus Pocus

This 1993 American fantasy-comedy film is the perfect Halloween movie! The film follows three witches who are accidentally resurrected on Halloween night by a teenage boy in the historical town of Salem, Massachusetts. We can guarantee all ages will get a few laughs out of this movie!



“Coraline” is a 2009 American stop-motion animated horror film in which an adventurous young girl discovers a parallel world behind a hidden door in their new home. However, she is unaware that the alternate world contains a sinister secret. The third-highest grossing stop-motion film of all time, this movie is best watched with parental supervision if you are elementary school age due to dark themes and scary images – don’t be fooled by the PG rating!



Who’re you gonna call when you need movie ideas? The Mirador! A gang of ghost busting friends start a business to tackle any unwanted ghosts in their hometown. We can assure you, you will have the theme song stuck in your head by the end. This action and comedy film is perfect for the whole family. 



This horror movie is a classic. “Halloween,” the first of the 11 series movie franchise beginning in 1978, follows the murderer Micheal Meyers who breaks out of the insane asylum looking for his next victims on the night of Halloween. Set in a small town in Illinois, the people of Haddonfield get more tricks than treats. Rated R, parental supervision recommended. 

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Originally aired in 1973,  “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” was also based on the comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schultz. Charlie Brown and Snoopy host a backyard Thanksgiving feast for their friends complete with buttered toast, jellybeans, pretzel sticks, and popcorn. This movie has been loved for over fifty years from its comedy and wholesome messages.