The Best Ways to Reconnect With Friends After Quarantine

Alexa Gutu, Staff Writer

Self-isolation and quarantine have taken a toll on everyone. Some may not realize the strain lockdown rules and social distancing protocols put on relationships.“I have lost touch with some of my school friends because before the coronavirus, having the same classes was the main reason we connected,” sophomore Hanna Nguyen said. Distance learning and social distancing protocols have completely changed social interaction, and reconnecting with friends after months of quarantine may seem daunting.  Here are a few tips and ideas on how to reconnect with friends after quarantine.

  1. Reach out to other people first and stay in contact

Don’t be afraid to reach out to friends first. “I wish people would actually maintain our friendship instead of just losing contact,” freshman Matt Caselle said. Initiating conversations through text, social media, or other platforms is a great way to show your friends you care, and a reminder you’re thinking about them. Switch conversations up, and talk about non-school related activities as well. 

     2. Make Plans 

Talk to friends and plan to spend socially-distanced time together. Internet conversations and screen meetings aren’t the same as connecting in person. During social-distancing orders, being around friends and other people feels reassuring. You can make plans to meet up with friends at a park, have lunch together at a restaurant, walk around a city together, go on a picnic or a hike.

    3. Zoom or FaceTime

FaceTiming or Zooming a friend can be refreshing. Talking face-to-face is fun, especially in a non-school setting apart from regular virtual meetings. “My favorite way to keep in touch with people over quarantine is over FaceTime because it’s a lot more personal than texting,” senior Keira Taylor said.  Video calling is a more personal approach than texting, allowing for deeper connections with your peers. “Me and my friends talk on Discord with each other on our computers. We usually just play games, talk, or do homework,” Caselle said. Discord is another platform that allows people to connect online. It allows users to call, talk, chat, stream, video call, and manage servers with other people.  

   4. Hang out together online

Play a game, or watch television online with friends to stay connected. Platforms like Netflix Party allow you to watch your favorite shows with your friends online. Netflix Party is an extension that syncs your Netflix to your friends’ so you can watch together in real time. Another fun and engaging way to connect is to play video games with friends. “I also like playing Among Us with my friends over Zoom,” Taylor said. Among Us is a multiplayer online game where players work together to find ‘impostors’.

   5. Trade baked goods

Trade baked goods the next time you meet up with your friends.“With my friends, we’ll often drop off brownies or cookies and spend a few minutes to catch up,” junior Isabelle Benette said. You can make sweet treats that are easy to share like brownies or cookies, or experiment with bread and snacks if you prefer more savory foods.  If baking isn’t really your style, maybe try making or creating something for friends, or simply just meet up and spend some time together.