The Best Halloween Costume Ideas

Degen Naldoza, Social Media Manager

Halloween is right around the corner, and you know what that means! It’s time to think of some creative ideas for your Halloween costume. Lucky for you The Mirador has got you covered with super creative, funny, and awesome costumes that you could rock alone or with your crew on this special night. 

Dunkin Doughnuts- For this costume you will need a basketball jersey and a doughnut floatie. Get it Dunkin Doughnuts!! This is a super funny costume that will get you many laughs on this special holiday. 


Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro  This is a creative costume that would be a great choice for you and your best friend.  There are many places to buy this costume, you could look online or go to a store. This is definitely a classic for the holiday. 


Shrek Crew- Shrek, Fiona, Donkey and others are a perfect Halloween costume that anyone could rock! Dressed as this classic crew you’ll be receiving good looks all day. You could buy this costume online or DIY it. “This is a really funny costume idea that would be great for Halloween, I remember seeing some people do it last year, and I thought it was a great idea,” sophomore Carson Dennis said. 


Blow Ups – This costume is so fun and a great idea for a bigger group! There are plenty of different colors and creations of this blowup costume that you could rock anywhere. There are alot of places to purchase thesethis online, and it would be an easy, yet cool costume. “This is such a fun costume for a bigger group, there’s so many different types that you could use. I always love seeing people dress up as these,” junior Anna Crinks said. 


A Meme – A meme is a perfect costume that everyone can enjoy. Some ideas are Bhad Baby, catch me outside, Harambe, two eyed Mike Wazowski, Yodeling Boy, Spider Man “it’s wednesday my dudes”, etc. This idea has an expansive amount of great costumes that will definitely get you laughs.