Students Looking Forward to a Deserved Winter Break After Finals

Degen Naldoza and Ingaborg Foutch

Winter break is right around the corner, and Miramonte students have fun things in store! Through Monday, Dec. 21 to Monday, January 4, students will have a two week break and time to celebrate the holidays. From spending time with family, to siblings returning from college, to day trips or vacations to fun destinations, Miramonte students plan to do it all during this much anticipated break from school.

Senior Anna Logan makes the long drive to Provo, Utah yearly for the holidays to spend time with extended family and indulge in the snowy weather. The trip takes about twelve hours one way, and the Logans will be enjoying their time with their family for the full extent of the break! “I love visiting Utah because I get to see a lot of my cousins and grandparents. It is also really fun to ski,” Logan said. 

Other students are also traveling, but staying more local. Senior Lanie Pritchard is road tripping to Lake Tahoe, like many other Miramonte students. “Christmas this year my intermediate family and I are going to Tahoe. We will probably go snowmobiling, shopping, go karting, play cards, and roast s’mores,” Pritchard said. The holiday season is a time for many to spend quality bonding time with their loved ones and celebrate, while also enjoying the cold weather and snow in a place like Tahoe.

Others are venturing to warmer climates, to contrast the typical winter weather. Junior Owen Van Stralen is visiting Phoenix, Arizona over break to see his family. “I am going to Arizona to hang out with my cousins and I am super excited to be there. We are planning on hiking Camelback Mountain with my family, I’m definitely looking forward to that!” Van Stralen said. 

Some are enjoying a staycation or family is visiting them for the holidays. “My family from Minnesota is coming to California. They visit often, and it is always so fun to hang out with my cousins, and show them the fun things we do here. It’s always a blast to spend time with my family, and we will definitely be playing lots of Among Us this year,” junior Thomas Quinnild said. 

While many students are traveling, some are staying home and making the best of their break. Day trips and fun activities are always a great way to spend the holiday season. “I’m staying home for the holidays but i’m planning on going ice skating in San Francisco, my friends and I go every year and it is always a blast! It’s so fun to go to the city during the holidays and see all of the decorations, this is definitely one of my favorite holiday traditions,” junior Anna Crinks said. 

Others are looking forward to the break as a time to relax and release some stress from school, “I’m really excited for break, and especially for this year to be over. 2020 really threw us some curveballs and I will be glad to say goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021. Hopefully next year won’t be as awful as this year was, I mean we deserve it,” sophomore Charlie Burke said. 

After a long week of finals and working hard throughout the first semester, Miramonte students are ready to enjoy their two weeks off. These are just a few examples of students who are traveling, staying, and hosting family  over winter break. However, whether you are traveling or staying local, The Mirador hopes you have an amazing winter break!