Students Recount Their Winter Break Activities

Ingaborg Foutch, Feature Editor

Miramonte students leave their Zoom calls finishing the last semester of the year. Although winter break in 2020 may look different than past years, students still found ways to make the most of it and take in the two week break from school. Winter break was abnormal from other years, with an abundance of people separated from family and friends for the holidays. Students enjoy many different things, some traveled safely with their family, while others took this break to relax at home and find activities to do in the Bay Area. 

Sophomore Peyton Gray found things to do around town with her family. “I hiked the rim trail at the Lafayette Reservoir twice over break with my family. It was so nice and refreshing to get outdoors and enjoy all the fun things we have to do around us,” Gray said. “Over break I also realized there is lots to do around in the Bay Area, and that I don’t necessarily have to travel far to find things to do.”

Others also enjoyed staycations, and got creative finding fun things to do without having to go too far! “Over the break, I stayed home and tried to make the most of my time by staying connected with my friends, Zooming on Christmas with my family, and driving around looking at Christmas lights,” junior Aiden Dhaliwal said. For families that couldn’t be together due to COVID-19, many zoomed or Facetimed together as an alternative. 

Some students safely traveled with their family. A popular destination that students traveled to was Hawaii. This is due to the precautions that are taken in order to get onto the island. To get onto the island, one must have a negative COVID-19 test, making it a safe and COVID free place to travel. 

“Over break I spent two weeks in Hawaii with my parents and brothers, and had great time bonding, enjoying the warm weather, and having family time together,” junior Julia Hunt said. Another contributing factor making Hawaii such a popular travel spot is the warm weather practically year round. 

“My family and I traveled to Hawaii over winter break, and enjoyed spending time together, swimming in the ocean, and relaxing. One of my favorite things to do was to wake up early and swim in the waves,” junior Cece Cohen said. “In Hawaii it was just my family and I, so I got to spend a lot of time with my brother which was really fun,” Cohen said. 

Junior Bridget Mills is one of many Miramonte students that traveled to Tahoe over break. “My family and I went up to Tahoe! We celebrated Christmas, and skied, and hung out at the house together as a family,” Mills said. Tahoe is a common travel destination for students, being one of the closest travel spots to the Bay Area with snow and skiing! 

You silence the alarm for the tenth time Monday morning, avoiding school for as long as possible. It is too early, especially since for all of the break waking up past noon had become the new normal. “I wish the break lasted forever,” you thought to yourself.