What Your Favorite Valentine’s Candy Says About You

Kirstin Parker and Ellie Belshaw


Chocolate If you enjoy eating chocolate on Valentine’s Day, you overall are a sweet person. With your kind heart, you make it your priority that everyone feels welcome and loved. Although including everyone is important to you, you tend to be an introvert in large crowds. 
Fun Dip  Fun Dip is definitely a Valentine’s Day favorite! If Fun Dip is your go-to treat on V-Day, you are viewed to be fun and energetic. Peers can count on you to make them laugh or smile! You are talkative at social events, and have a great first impression on people. 
Sweet Hearts You can never go wrong with Sweet Hearts when looking for a delicious treat to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If Sweet Hearts are your favorite V-day candy, you are more of an old soul. But that is certainly not a bad thing! You are down to earth and enjoy making others happy. 
Sour Patch The delight of both sweet and sour is the perfect comfort treat on Valentine’s Day! Nothing brings better flavor than Sour Patch. Enjoying Sour Patch means that you are a child at heart. You may seem sophisticated on the outside, but your friends know you’re the life of the party! 
Skittles If Skittles are your favorite Valentine’s Day candy, you are a fun person to be around! Your peers see you as a reliable person and someone they can always go to for advice. You enjoy being in the sun and spending time with your loved ones!
Lollipops Lollipops are a Valentine’s Day classic. Enjoying these means you are a wise person, and follow your instincts. You don’t rush things, and are laid-back. Your kind heart influences those around you and you make people happy without knowing it!