Get Caught Up With This Drama Filled Season of The Bachelor

Emerson Bohlig, Staff Writer

This season on the Bachelor we get to watch Matt James try to find the love of his life and hopefully find that true love for the first time. Many Miramonte students tune in at eight on Monday nights to see the newest week of drama for season 25.


Week 1

Week 1 we get to meet the bachelor, Matt James. He was a college football player for Wake Forest University and he is from North Carolina and now resides in  New York City. Matt is the first African American bachelor in all of the 25 seasons of the show. 32 women quarantined to be on the show. There were a wide variety of ways the girls tried to stand out for Matt when they first met him. Some girls danced, others showed up in a pick up truck, some flattered him with pizza, and one let Matt choose what she should wear. At the end of the night the first impression rose was given to Abigail who opened up to Matt about being partially deaf. 


Week 2

Bri gets the first one-on-one date of the season. Viewers can already tell that “Queen” Victoria is the one who is going to be stirring up trouble this season. On Matt and Bri’s date they ride an ATV which tips over at one point and they get covered in mud. They go to a wood fire hot tub that is in the middle of the woods. Then there is a group date where they all dress up as brides and take pictures with Matt looking really nice. Then they play capture the flag and throw cake and paint at each other, ruining their nice looks. “I think Matt is super cute but his awkwardness makes him weirder. He makes me uncomfortable, especially when he kisses with his eyes open,” senior Lindsey Bliss said. The losers of capture the flag go back to the house and the winners have a cocktail party with Matt. Sarah gets the next one-on-one date and they start the date off by flying in a small plane. Sarah and him have a great date but when the rose ceremony comes around, Sarah almost faints and has to walk away. Victoria causes drama with Marylynn and gets her kicked off the show. 


Week 3

The episode starts off with a group date. The women on the group date have to write their own romantic scene with Matt and read it out loud to everyone. There was an after party to the group date and Sarah, who had the last one on one, was sad that she had to share Matt with all the other girls. She crashed the group date and interrupted the girls’ time with Matt and they were not happy. Rachael got the group date rose at the end of the night and the girls, mainly Victoria,  decided to bully Sarah. Matts one-on-one date is with Serena P. and they have a picnic in an open field. Sarah can’t handle sharing Matt with all the girls and she also does not want to be away from her family, especially since her father is sick, and she decides to leave the show.


Week 4

Five new women join the show and the girls who have been there are not happy about it. Ben Higgins, a former bachelor, comes onto the show to give Matt some advice. The group date from Week 3 continues into Week 4 and Chelsea opens up to Matt, so she gets the group date rose. Anna tells everyone that one of the new girls, whose name is Brittany, is an escort. The drama spins out of control from here. The first group date is an obstacle course and they paddle across a lake in pumpkins and dress up as squirrels. Anna confronts Brittany about being an escort and she denies it and is angry. The one-on-one date is with one of the new girls named Michelle and they go ziplining and ride in a hot air balloon. The next group date is the girls boxing each other. Katie tells Matt that there is a lot of toxic behavior in the house and Matt assures that he is going to take care of it. 


Week 5

The women are starting to tattle on each other to Matt a lot more. Some of the girls are calling themselves the originals and bullying the new girls. Matt sends Anna home for spreading the rumor about Brittany being an escort. The starter of all the drama, Victoria, finally gets sent home after causing unnecessary drama. “I think Matt is a really nice guy but he feeds into the girl’s manipulations too easily. I think he also could show more of his personality,” senior Katie Bakonyvari said. Rachael gets the next one-on-one date and her and Matt go shopping. On the group date, the women go to a farm and are working all the jobs a farm requires. Abigail gets the group date rose at the end of the night. Jessenia complains about MJ to Matt about how she has caused drama and this makes Matt talk to both of them. The next one on one date is Kit and they bake cookies in his kitchen. MJ and Jessenia have a two on one right before the cocktail party to get to the bottom of the drama. MJ gets sent home for starting drama. 


Week 6 

The next one on one date is with Pieper. They go to a private carnival deep in the woods and then there is a private concert by Temecula Road. Serena C. and Katie  start fighting with each other. Then a random girl shows up at the gates of where the contestants are staying and since they are quarantined she is not supposed to be there. Her name is Heather Martin and she was in Colton Underwood’s season of “The Bachelor” and she wants to join Matt’s season. However, she has to quarantine first. Then there is a bowling group date and the winning team gets to have a cocktail party with Matt after. Matt ends up inviting everyone to the cocktail party because he wants time with everyone. Tyler Cameron who was a contestant on Hannah Brown’s season of “The Bachelorette” makes an appearance. The next one-on-one date is with Katie and she and Matt prank Tyler, but at the end of their date Matt sends her home. Heather then is done quarantining and she shows up and the girls are not happy.