What Your Cafeteria Food Says About You

Degen Naldoza, Social Media Manager

Although the usual brunch food options aren’t available this year due to COVID, we must celebrate the past selection of the famous Miramonte foods. There are some gems hidden in the assortment of school foods, and there are also some questionable items. What you choose to eat from the cafeteria says a lot about your character, and reveals much more than any zodiac sign could. The Mirador evaluates what your choice of cafeteria food says about you, because it really is that big of a deal! 

Pizza Bread: If you get pizza bread from the cafeteria you are most likely pretty basic. Don’t get me wrong the melted cheese, marinara sauce, and occasional pepperoni bits are delicious, and definitely serve as a good snack after your class. However, everyone gets the famous pizza bread, so you’re not that special. You’re probably a well rounded person and like to have fun and make jokes, but you get moody sometimes, and no one wants to be around for that. You like to blend in with the crowds and don’t like to stand out. “The pizza bread is definitely one of the best options in the cafeteria! You can never go wrong with it,” junior Reese Hansen said. 

Muffins: The muffins in the cafeteria are to die for, definitely a Miramonte delicacy. Between the chocolate and blueberry options you can’t go wrong with either. However, if you pick the blueberry muffin you’re a little bit less elite than those who choose chocolate. Still elite nonetheless, but I’ll knock you down a notch, because who would choose to eat a blueberry muffin over a chocolate muffin, that just doesn’t make sense. You’re most likely pretty loud and lively, and like the attention on you. But you’re funny and people generally like you and your quirkiness. I would consider you a top notch person. “The muffins at school are actually really good, they’re nice to have at brunch, and the chocolate ones are delicious,” junior Ayyan Gohar said. 

Tater Tots:  I’ll say it once, and i’ll say it again, if you eat tater tots you’re a child. Sure they’re good, but come on, tater tots for brunch, get it together. Out of all the options you choose the somewhat soggy under salted tater tots? I understand once in a while if you’re craving them, but if you choose these sorry excuses for a potato, all the time, you need to rethink your life choices. You’re probably bouncing off the walls constantly and don’t know how to stop talking. You’re definitely fun to be around, but you’re a handful. 

Bagels: A bagel is the perfect brunch snack to quench your hunger. If you choose to eat one of the many bagel options you most likely don’t really care about the other options and only eat bagels. You’re at school so you don’t get a skip, and you’re just getting through the day. You’re most likely a really laid back person with not a lot to say, but you’re cool, and people usually enjoy your presence. Enjoy your bagels, you deserve it! “A bagel is the perfect brunch snack. There’s nothing that can beat it, especially because there are so many options, you can never get sick of them,” sophomore Kyle Odmark said.