How to Prepare for AP Exams


Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash

Reagan Kaelle and Grace Liu, Online News Editor and Graphics Team

The dreaded period of AP testing has arrived. While it’s common knowledge that the month of May brings both finals and AP testing, College Board exams are a different kind of pain. Putting so much effort into a course throughout the year only to re-learn the course material all over again is a recipe for a mental breakdown (or two). We here at The Mirador have some well-renowned tips on how to prepare for your impending AP Exams. 

One fan-favorite tip is procrastination. One could watch TV, bake, eat said baked goods, work out, hang out with friends, or simply stare off into space. The key to completing this step is to do absolutely anything but study. By procrastinating, one can push the inevitable panic attacks closer to the actual exam, when they are supposed to happen. The Continental Procrastination Association said that 83% of students were less stressed in the weeks leading up to exams if they procrastinated. “Instead of studying, I did a puzzle with dinosaurs on it,” sophomore Stella Symonds said. 

Another wildly popular strategy is frantically cramming the night before. While this technique may be risky, the results are almost never worth the weeks of stress-free afternoons. “I cram before lots of tests,” junior Riley George said. This method requires some pre-planning – what should you half-heartedly attempt to cover? How late will you stay up? Is it even worth it? If you do choose to employ this tactic, be prepared for a sleepless night, eye bags, and potentially disappointing scores.    

Of course, there’s always the classic go-to reaction, crying. Sad? Cry. Happy? Cry. Stressed about impending AP Exams? Cry. Also, you can cry at any stage of your studying! Very convenient. Just make sure to avoid getting tear stains on your textbooks. But if you do, cry about it as well.

AP Exams are difficult. There is no denying the hard truth, but studying doesn’t have to be as hard as students make it out to be! These strategies have been employed by countless generations of students, so they are immensely conducive to success. Always remember: when in doubt, cry. Good luck with your AP Exams Matadors!