The Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Photo by Wijdan Mq on Unsplash

Carly Hoskins, Broadcast Director and At-Large Editor

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to spoil the moms in our lives! Whether it’s your mom, grandma, or aunt, they deserve a fantastic gift on their special day. The Mirador has you covered with some fun and creative ideas for Mother’s Day gifts! 

Initial-Engraved Necklaces

This is the perfect combination of sentimental and cute! Customize your choice of necklace with the initials of all the special people in your mom’s life. Not only is it a stylish piece of jewelry that your mom can wear anytime, but it is also a heartfelt way to keep everyone she loves close to her all the time. A quick search on Etsy will find you any style and color! 

“Best of Mom” Card

Make a Google Form to send to your mom’s friends and family, asking them to answer questions about your mom. The questions can be anywhere from “What does she do that makes you laugh?” to “What is one word to describe her?” After the entries are in, compile the responses into one big card that she can keep forever. This will make her heart melt and also won’t break your bank!

Apple or Smart Watch

As we all know, our moms are usually on the go 110 percent of the time. A smartwatch can keep them in the loop and on top of their schedule at any time. It is also a handy tool for sending a quick text, checking their fitness, or simply checking the time. If you’re looking to splurge for your mom this Mother’s Day, this is a gift they will greatly appreciate. “My mom loves her Apple Watch because she is able to check her texts anytime. I would recommend it because it keeps my mom safe and in the loop when she is out of the house without her phone,” Grace Clark said. 

Tile Mate Tracking Device

Sometimes moms’ crazy days get a little too crazy, and they can end up misplacing essential items when they need them most. A Tile Mate is a small Bluetooth tracking device that can be attached to keys, water bottles, purses, or anything you want to put it on. Sync it to your mom’s phone, and they can press a button to play a sound leading them to their lost item. It also works in reverse, meaning they can press the Tile and find their phone! This is a small, inexpensive gift that would certainly be put to good use! 

Flower Bouquet

While it may seem simple and unordinary, a sweet flower bouquet is a beautiful and thoughtful gift your mom is sure to love. Pick flowers outside or visit your local nursery or grocery store to create the perfect bouquet. If you’re looking to give her something more than the bouquet, pick out a new vase from Anthropologie, Home Goods, Target, or her favorite store! “My favorite thing to get my mom on Mother’s Day is a nice card and flowers. We normally celebrate by having a nice breakfast and going on a hike,” freshman Mira Haldar said.

Treat Her to Her Favorite Meal

There’s nothing like quality time with your mom and family! Treat your mom to dinner or lunch at her favorite restaurant and bring a hand-written card to show her how much you love her and make some memories that will last forever. If COVID-19 precautions restrict you from going out to eat, make your mom her favorite meal at home! This is an easy and heartfelt way to show your appreciation for her on such a special day! “My dad and I are spending the whole day with her and treating her to breakfast-in-bed,” junior James Frye said.