The Best and Worst Dressed at the Oscars


Photo by Marcus Loke on Unsplash

Reese Smith, Staff Writer

The 2021 Academy Awards was one of the first major awards shows to happen in person since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. With millions of eyeballs from across the globe watching, the Oscars allowed celebrities to think outside of the box and make a memorable appearance after staying in quarantine for over a year. Some rose to the occasion and wowed the public eye, while others failed to live up to expectations. 

“I think my favorite outfit from the Oscars was Zendaya’s because it was very vibrant and elegant. My least favorite outfit was Margot Robbie’s because it was plain and it wasn’t very fit for the Oscars,” junior Julia Hunt said. Zendaya can rock whatever she wears regardless of her outfit, but it doesn’t hurt that she happens to have incredible style as well. As for Robbie’s look, she could have found a more extravagant dress, although she also looks fantastic in anything.

My personal favorite outfits include Zendaya’s, Amanda Seyfried’s,  Regina King’s, and Colman Domingo’s. Zendaya took a risk going with such a vibrant yellow color, along with an open midriff cut out, but coming as no surprise, she was able to execute the look perfectly. Amanda Seyfried masterfully captivated the eyes of many, with a combination of the same dress and lip color, both being a bright, bold red, which looked both put-together and classy. Regina King went for an elegant, sleek look and pulled it off miraculously; from the extremely flattering, floor-length bodycon dress to the perfectly cut and straightened bob, King looked both powerful and beautiful. In contrast, Colman Domingo took a different route with his bright pink, sparkly suit, and looked fantastic. By taking a risk and going full out, Domingo made a very impressionable appearance for all the right reasons.

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“I really liked Leslie Odom Jr.’s and Brad Pitt’s suits because even though they were very different, they both looked cool and put together,” junior Adam Brudinski said. Leslie Odom Jr. wore a gold suit, resembling that of an actual Oscar award, and pulled it off incredibly well. On the other hand, Brad Pitt went with a classic black tuxedo and looked very classy and traditional.

Although everyone who attended the Oscars looked great, there were certainly a couple of questionable outfits, highlighted by those of  Laura Dern, Robbie, and Glenn Close, for example. All three of these women are incredibly talented and beautiful, however, their outfits were a bit lackluster or questionable. Dern wore a gown covered in poofy, white feathers, which added an unnecessary and unflattering contrast to the top half of the dress, which was a black, tight long-sleeve. If Dern had simply worn a long black gown, instead of adding the obnoxious feathers, her dress would have complimented her beauty, rather than distracting from it. On the other hand, Robbie, who is arguably one of the best-looking women there is, went with a very simple, silver, skinny-strap dress, which wasn’t outrightly terrible, just a bit dull and boring. Glenn Close’s dress was a navy blue, sparkly, loose-fitting, long sleeve with an awkward length, reaching just below her knee towards her upper-calf. Overall, Close’s dress was not doing her any favors, and simply not the most flattering or fashionable choice. “I wasn’t the biggest fan of Laura Dern’s dress because the bottom kind of reminded me of a bird due to the feathers,” junior Ellie Foster said. 

Overall, the fashion of the 2021 Oscars was underwhelming. Though it can partly be attributed to the hiatus of awards shows this past year it must be said that that fashion at this years’ Oscars was far from exceeding expectations.