Students Recall Their Summer Activities


Photo by Sophie Wampler

Olivia Uzuncan, Staff Writer

The final bell rings on May 29th, 2021, not only marking the official end of the school year, but also the start of the long-anticipated summer. After an unprecedented school year of lockdowns, Zoom classes, and the hybrid schedule, many students took advantage of a summer with looser COVID restrictions to have fun and enjoy their free time from school. 

Here are some of the most popular things Miramonte students did this summer:

  1. See Friends: 

While the pandemic summer looked a little bit different for everyone, many still managed to use their free time to socialize. Whether it was hanging out by the pool or grabbing lunch somewhere, the student social scene was definitely thriving. 

“Over the summer I spent a lot of time with friends, which was fun because I couldn’t see many last year due to the severity of COVID-19,” junior Mia Balonick said.

  1. Travel: 

Due to relaxed COVID-19 restrictions, some students were able to travel. 

Sophomore Sophie Wampler is just one of many Miramonte students who spent their summer on the East Coast. “ While a lot of activities still couldn’t be done because of COVID, my family and friends made the best of it. The highlight of my summer was going to New York City. I love New York and it was super fun to explore, shop, eat good food, and just do the many activities the city has to offer,” Wampler said.

  1. College Visits: 

Many incoming seniors got a head start on finalizing their college lists and beginning the application process by touring various schools. “During the summer, I was able to tour colleges on the East Coast,” senior Zoe Moga said. “My family left in early June and we were there for two weeks traveling to different states and cities. It was a super cool experience as I got to travel to many new places and gain clarity on the type of college I want to go to. Over the course of the trip, I visited six states and toured 14 colleges.” Since seniors are working through the college application process this fall, college tours were a helpful experience for helping finalize college lists.

  1. Swim Team: 

Numerous students spent their summer at their nearby swim club, participating in swim meets and preparing for the highly anticipated final meet of the summer, hosted by the Orinda Moraga Pool Association (OMPA). “ I have been doing swim team since I was five and love it. It’s such a nice community of all different ages and everyone gets along super well. We do fun things like a basketball tournament, a dance where the older kids get paired with younger kids, and dinners before OMPA,” freshman Caleb Elkind stated. 

As the weather starts cooling down and students get back into the rhythm of school, summer fades into recent memory. Fortunately, whether you traveled, saw friends, or even worked on school work, it’s clear that students had a great summer.