Shows Students Watched While Quarantining


Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Reese Smith and Ingaborg Foutch

The return of COVID-19’s presence at Miramonte has caused many students to be stuck at home once again, in desperate need of things to do. To avoid overwhelming amounts of boredom, many students resort to binge watching TV shows on various platforms. Miramonte students suggest what to watch while stuck in quarantine in efforts to cure your boredom. 

Cece Cohen: Maid

Senior Cece Cohen has been out of school for over a week, and with her extra free time, Cohen decided to dive into some new TV shows. “I decided to watch the show ‘Maid’ on Netflix, and it has been my favorite TV series I have ever seen. This show walks you through the life of a domestic abuse victim and has really opened my eyes. I recommend this show to everyone and anyone,” Cohen said. 

Jake Disston: Breaking Bad

Students are not only watching newer shows, but also taking the time to go back and experience what some older series have to offer. “This past week, I have binge watched seasons four and five of ‘Breaking Bad’ because it is the best show that I have ever seen and I like a lot of the characters,” junior Jake Disston said. 

Cooper Bohlig: Brooklyn Nine Nine 

Disston’s fellow junior Cooper Bohlig unfortunately caught COVID-19 as well. But on the bright side, this has given him the opportunity to catch up on one of his favorite shows. “I have been watching ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine’ because it’s a really good show, and I needed something to pass the time, since I had a lot of it,” Bohlig said. 

Donovan Davidson: Spiderman

Senior Donovan Davidson has taken a different approach to his quarantine binge sessions, deciding to rewatch some of his favorite movies to pass the time. By choosing movies over TV, Davidson has stayed true to himself rather than conforming to the norm set by fellow students: “I actually did not watch any TV shows while in quarantine; however, I did rewatch all of the Spider-Man movies, just because ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ was super good. I also watched the ‘Dark Knight’ series for Batman. I guess you could say I was in a superhero phase,” Davidson said. 

With a sudden spike in COVID-19 cases, as well as cold weather that makes the indoors more appealing, binging TV shows and movies is a popular choice among Miramonte students. If you find yourself in need of a time-filler, maybe you should consider starting a new series, or rewatching some of your favorites!