Money Diaries: Emma Moltyaner Describes her Typical Fall Week


Paige Meyers and Taryn Pearce

Who: Emma Moltyaner

Age: 17

Location: Orinda, CA

Income: Babysitting ($125)

Pronouns: She/Her


DAY ONE (Monday) – Emma started her morning with an Iced Tea from Sisi’s Cafe in Moraga ($2.50). “I got an iced tea because I like to treat myself on Mondays,” Moltyaner said. She likes to start the week on a positive note and set the tone for the day with her favorite drink. After school, she had tennis practice and wanted to stop by Whole Foods to pick up a late lunch/early dinner from the hot bar before. She picked out mac and cheese and chicken nuggets ($12.43).  Daily total: $14.93

DAY TWO (Tuesday) – “We have tennis matches, and we get out of school early because I only have six periods, so I got chipotle before my match. I also got it for my brother, which is why I spent so much money there,” Moltyaner said. She plays for the girls varsity tennis team, and their match was against rivals Campolindo. She says that she spends most of her money on food throughout the week. Daily total: $23.65

DAY THREE (Wednesday) – “On Wednesday, it was a long day at school, so I always go to the vending machine at some point during the day,” Moltyaner said. Emma’s go-to is the avocado oil potato chips ($1.75). “After tennis, I went to Share Tea with some of my teammates, and I always get the Taro Milk Tea with boba,” Moltyaner said (6.95). Daily total: $8.70

DAY FOUR (Thursday) – Thursday was an expensive day for Emma, she needed some jeans since the weather was getting colder, so she went online shopping on Urban Outfitters and got a pair of BDG jeans for the fall (49.75). “I only really spend my money when I get the random urge to shop online, but that doesn’t happen that often.” In the afternoon, she went to Caroline’s salon in Lafayette to get her haircut and took off 5 inches ($109).  Daily total: $158.75

DAY FIVE (Friday) – She got gas ($117) and dinner ($14) before the football game. “From Whole foods, I got the Chinese Egg rolls and rice,” Moltyaner said. She got all of this from the hot bar again and got the egg rolls because one of her friends thought they looked good and wanted to try them. Daily total: $131.00 

DAY SIX (Saturday) -On Saturday, Emma got lunch with her grandparents in Lafayette. “We went to Sideboard, and I got a grilled chicken sandwich, a drink, and a pastry.”  Daily total: $23.00 

DAY SEVEN (Sunday) – On her last day of the week, she went to Starbucks for breakfast with her younger brother, who is in eighth grade at Orinda Intermediate School. “ I went to Starbucks with my little brother, and I got a matcha with chai and a croissant,” Moltyaner said. Daily total: $12.10