Popular Styles for the Winter Season


Jessica Youn

Out with the old, in with the new: with temperatures dropping, new fashion trends emerge as students find warmer ways to express themselves. This winter, we are seeing creative plays on styles from the past; nobody wears them better than the Matadors!


Puffer Vests

A fashionable item that keeps the cold away, puffer vests are a stylish take on classic puffer jackets. “I think, when styled correctly, [puffer vests] can be super cute. I personally think they look good with a hoodie underneath or a tight long sleeve underneath,” junior Claire O’Connor said. It’s all about the layering! An ode to the 90s, puffer vests are retro in a chic way and serve as a fun piece to elevate a winter outfit. 


Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are currently all the rage: “I do like the baggy jeans [or] cargo pants look, I think that is super cute,” senior Addison Creson said. From camouflage patterned pants to the brand Dickies’ popular 874s, cargo pants are front and center in many popular clothing stores. An easy statement piece, they can and will catch anyone’s eye, especially when paired with a trendy textured sweater or oversized sweatshirt.


Blast From the Past

Low-rise or flare jeans paired with patterned sweaters, corduroy, and bomber jackets: it’s clear that the 90’s and Y2K style is back and better than ever. Flared pants are especially popular among students: “I love the flare pants and flare sweats that have made a comeback because they are comfortable and easy to wear heading to sports or just to school,” sophomore Katie Barmmer said. Flare jeans are flattering and can be styled with almost anything. It’s easy to see why students love them!


Wide Leg Sweatpants

Wide-leg sweatpants embody a more practical version of the Y2K look. While low-rise jeans can sometimes be uncomfortable to sport for an entire school day, wide-leg sweatpants are a trendy way to stay warm and comfortable! Pair them with a cute top to make a lasting statement. 


Vuori Pants 

Vuori pants are taking the male fashion world by storm and for good reason. These pants are subtly stylish and extremely versatile. “I first got a pair of Vuori pants a few years ago and loved them. Used them for traveling, working out, skiing, and everything. Personally, I love the way they look and feel and they have infinite color choices. They are somewhere in between khakis and sweatpants but thin. Definitely worth the cost,” junior Tyler Akel said. 


Ugg Slippers

This might be controversial, but I believe Uggs are here to stay, no matter how many times people try to change that. Uggs have proven themselves to be very enduring in a world of constantly changing fashion: while I wouldn’t necessarily call the traditional Ugg boots trendy, their slippers are everywhere. With options in every color of the rainbow, high-quality comfort, and an excuse to wear slippers out of the house, what’s not to love?