Thoughts on Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” Album


Mika Strickler

This October, music enjoyers across the globe received a true gift: Taylor Swift’s tenth and newest album, “Midnights.” The initial album release featured thirteen tracks, and its deluxe “3am Edition” includes an additional seven songs. This gem of an album primarily focuses on moody themes, but has something for all listeners. 

Main 13 Tracks

Lavender Haze – 7/10

While not the most thrilling opening track, “Lavender Haze” is a romantic and dancey track that certainly opens the album with a late night vibe. 

Maroon – 6/10

This slightly more melancholy song is similar in its catchiness, but doesn’t stand out for much else. It’s a great song, but it may not have you dancing as much as the first track. 

Anti–Hero – 9/10

This song is the first on the album that feels distinctly “Midnights”: a blend of moodiness, self-reflection, and bitterness. Swift’s lyricism in the song stands out as sulky but less immature than the similar sentiments of the “Reputation” album. 

Snow on the Beach (feat. Lana del Rey) – 4/10

I’m not opposed to gentle songs, but the slower pace of “Snow on the Beach” makes it unimpressive, although I appreciate it more with further listening. More egregiously, this song disappointed me and many other fans with its barely noticeable Lana del Rey feature. Its only redeeming quality is that it fits the theme of the album.  

You’re on Your Own Kid – 6.5/10  

Swift’s beautiful lyrics stand out in this song about rejection and disillusionment. The track has a powerful build from its soft, understated beginning to a more energetic yet restrained resolution. 

Midnight Rain – 6.5/10

The use of vocal filters on this track caught me off guard when I first listened to this song, but it doesn’t at all detract from its overall enjoyability. However, the ending of “Midnight Rain” does feel slightly awkward as it fades out.

Question…? – 5/10

There’s nothing notable about “Question…?” since it lacks the catchiness of many other songs on this album. It’s reminiscent of songs off the “1989” album, but without their appeal either. 

Vigilante Sh*t – 9.5/10

This is another song that, like “Anti-Hero,” will be recorded as one of the most iconic “Midnights” tracks. It brings refreshing simplicity through rhythmic synth beats that direct listeners’ focus to Swift’s biting lyrics about vengeance and self-defense.

Bejeweled – 8.5/10

This adorable song celebrates self-love and fun, and you can’t help but sing along. There’s no better way to boost your mood than getting dressed up with friends while listening to this song. 

Labyrinth – 8/10 

This song makes me want to cry every time I listen to it, in a good way. The simple backing track combined with Swift’s emotional lyrics and lovely voice is absolutely flawless. 

Karma – 10/10  

Another song that rejoices in self-love and, of course, karma for those who deserve it, “Karma” is a bubbly,joyful track that’s incredibly catchy. The jubilant lyrics stand out as a spot of sunshine on a largely angstier album. 

Sweet Nothing – 8.5/10

This sweet and romantic song is a soft ode to love and choosing a quiet life with a close, trustworthy person. It’s absolutely charming and highlights Swift’s strengths as a songwriter.

Mastermind – 10/10

The backing music of this track swells with subtle energy and vibrancy, but the lyrics of this song are truly what makes it special. They focus on Swift’s “masterminding” a plan to have a relationship with someone who “knew the entire time.”  


Bonus Tracks from 3am Edition

The Great War – 7/10

“The Great War” centers on the metaphor of a war as a struggle in a relationship, and the music of this track bolsters this theme with instrumentation reminiscent of a military drumbeat. 

Bigger Than The Whole Sky – 7.5/10

This emotional ballad is another tear-jerker, although the weepiness of some of the lyrics can seem sappy and melodramatic. The chorus is full of heart and–like many tracks on this intimate album–reveals personal feelings of sorrow and regret.

Paris – 3/10

The primary fault of this song is that it doesn’t have the signature sound of a “Midnights” track. It instead seems like a track from the “1989” album, and beyond some catchiness, it doesn’t have any unique qualities or edge. 

High Infidelity – 8/10

Some may be inclined to dislike “High Infidelity” due to its admittedly repetitive lyrics, but I find that the musical build of the song and the intensity of the lyrics combat that potential weakness.

Glitch – 7.5/10

This track balances distortion and glitch audio effects that reinforce the lyrics and main idea without being too over-the-top or cartoonish.   

Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve – 8.5/10

“Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” embodies the bitter, vengeful, regretful themes of “Midnights” that demonstrate personal growth and the different choices one would make for their younger self. While the instrumentation of this track isn’t particularly strong, the powerful songwriting in lyrics like “Give me back my girlhood, it was mine first”​​ makes this a stand-out song.

Dear Reader – 3/10

“Dear Reader” is a rare miss on this album, which is extra disappointing since it’s the final track of the deluxe edition. The life lessons Swift tries to impart seem more like cliche truisms, and the lyrics consequently fail to hold interest.