Students Share their Favorite Albums of 2022


Mira Haldar

From Beyoncé to Bad Bunny, the numerous albums produced in 2022 show a promising front for the music industry. Despite the lingering COVID-19 pandemic, as well as concerns about a dreary recession, this past year in music was still full of festivity. Several superstars finally released albums after the pandemic hiatus, and their comebacks evidently became commercial successes. While the pandemic potentially acted as a time for personal musical self discovery, the smash hits of 2022 seem to have everyone walking down the same musical path. 

In an effort to search for the true ranking of music albums dropped in the past year, several students shared their opinions. “I thought that Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers by Kendrick Lamar was the best album of the year because it was different from his previous music and I enjoyed the diversity of each song,” freshman James Giquinto said. “Each song was different from the last.” Many students shared similar opinions to that of Giquinto, solidifying Kendrick Lamar’s release to be considered as one of the best.

Additionally, the overwhelmingly popular album, Midnights by Taylor Swift, stands as a favorite amongst many–and not just the ‘Swifties’. “Taylor Swift’s Midnights was my favorite album of the past year,” junior Claire O’Connor mentions. “I loved her new spin on the classic songs that our whole generation knows and cherishes, and if it wasn’t for Taylor’s Version, the unreleased songs with her old style of music may not have been released.”

Contrary to popular belief, junior Nick Blair believes in quality over quantity. “I think that Drake’s two albums of 2022, Honestly, Nevermind and Her Loss, each have a few good songs, but overall don’t compare to the rest of his discography,” Blair adds.

Furthermore, music aficionado, sophomore Eliana Bottene, favors Morgan Wallen’s latest drop: One Thing At A Time. Despite being only a 3-song album, she believes that the overall catchy tunes, and likable lyrics make Wallen’s album one to remember. “I like One Thing At A Time because I feel like the songs are a perfect combination of Morgan Wallen’s classic style of music, along with a new upbeat tune,” Bottene says. “His songs never fail to put me in a good mood.”

Despite these top picks, an almost unanimous student vote deems the current favorite to be SOS by highly acclaimed R&B artist, SZA. Spending over 4 consecutive weeks as #1 on the Billboard’s Albums Chart, it goes without saying that SOS is the indisputable album of the year. 

Through several long-awaited releases across the board, 2022 proves to be the much needed revival of the music industry–especially following a bleak period of quarantine. Whether you’re a rap fan or a die-hard ‘Swiftie’, the diverse album drops of the year are ones to remember.