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2023 Songs of the Summer

Ava Skidgel

Whether it was old or new, music dominated summer 2023. Students attended music festivals such as Outside Lands, LollaPalooza, and BottleRock and concerts from Taylor Swift to Luke Bryan.


This range of festivals and concerts allowed students to rediscover the old and explore the new. After a long, exciting summer of music, one question keeps me wondering: what song was the best to blast on repeat this past summer? To answer this question, I took to social media to survey students on what was their song of the summer.


“Let It Happen” by Tame Impala – Emma Glanville 


One of my personal favorites, as well as junior Emma Glanville’s, “Let it Happen” by Tame Impala is definitely up there in terms of the #1 summer song. Not only is Tame Impala one of my favorite artists, especially during the summer, but this song embodies the carefree feeling of summertime. Although a little long, being seven minutes and 47 seconds, it keeps the same upbeat tone, and the final beat drop makes the anticipation worth it. I would personally give this song a 8.6/10.


“Patience” by Tame Impala – Rishi Haldar


“Patience” is another Tame Impala song with a great beat and relaxed mood. Unlike “Let it Happen,” “Patience” has more lyrics and is much shorter, lasting only four minutes and 52 seconds, allowing the listener to sing along without getting bored. Sophomore Rishi Haldar rated it a 9.5/10 because “it is upbeat and makes you feel energized.” I can definitely see myself and others queuing this song while on aux as their friend drives them around with the windows down. Haldar listens to this song the most while “on drives or hanging out with friends outside and in Tahoe a lot.”


“Instant Crush” by Daft Punk – Callie Barber


Senior Callie Barber rates this song a 9.7/10 for “its great vibes and uniqueness.” Unlike the others, this is a new song to me and I was pleasantly surprised after giving it a listen. Its French House style and electronic sound is unexpected and not like the other songs. I can see myself listening to “Instant Crush” while hanging with friends and tanning by the beach. “Whenever I hear it now I associate it with my favorite memories from the summer,” Barber said.


“Cruel Summer” by Taylor Swift – Sophie Wampler


As one of the many students who attended the Taylor Swift Era’s Tour this summer, senior Sophie Wampler gives “Cruel Summer” and most Taylor Swift songs a 10/10. “This summer, the Eras tour came to California so my friends and I spent lots of time preparing for Santa Clara Night 2,” Wampler said. I agree that this song definitely brings a summer feeling to the soul as it literally has the word “summer” in the title. But, to me, “Cruel Summer” is overplayed and a bit past its prime for summer 2023. With that being said, this song still puts Wampler and I in a good mood, and I will gladly play it if someone requests it. 


Through other students’ favorites, I unexpectedly discovered a couple new songs that quickly became my personal favorites as well. After further listening and analyzing top summer songs, we’ve all been waiting for my #1 favorite. This song contains an upbeat, care-free vibe that spoke to me while listening to it for the first time and makes me click play again and again. This song will most definitely be added to my summer playlist, and even though it’s the song of the “summer,” I’ll continue to listen through fall and even winter if I’m really missing the summer memories. My song of the summer from the four student choices is “Patience” by Tame Impala. 

Click here to see The Mirador’s full songs of the summer playlist on Spotify!

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