Average Joe of the Week- Luke Phillips


Reagan Tierney and Kiki Immel

Senior Luke Phillips wakes up in the morning and does not eat breakfast—he simply does not have the time. His morning routine is simple: “I wake up, brush my teeth, wet my hair, and then go to school,” Phillips said. Once he gets to school, he finds his squad: “Dem boiz.” Dem boiz is a group that has been together throughout all four years of high school, consisting of other seniors Atahan Kiliccote, Zac Weiner, and Ryan Riahi, to name a few.

But Phillips is more than a member of “dem boiz.” He is also an integral part of Miramonte’s performing arts.

He is a crucial part of Advanced Drama, Musical Theater Workshop, and Chamber Singers, “which is pretty cool,” according to Phillips. Last year, he played Gomez Addams, a lead role in Musical Theater’s production of the Addams Family. 

When Phillips isn’t busy hogging the spotlight, he spends his time thinking about his favorite animal: the mantis shrimp. “For its size it is one of the strongest creatures in the sea and it has claws that shoot out super fast. It is faster than a bullet and can break glass,” Phillips said.

Walking across the quad, investigative journalists Reagan Tierney and Kiki Immel spotted a group of leadership girls. The journalists called across the lawn, “Describe Luke Philips!” They were met with an array of positive comments, “Luke Philips is the funniest kid in our school,” senior Olivia Goodman said. “He is the best,” senior Elise Ziem added.

Well, there you have it. The Mirador’s first Average Joe of the year, and the best part is: he’s single!