BYOD Program Brings New Risks


Paige Millham, Staff Writer

For the past few years the Acalanes Union High School District has been enforcing the “BYOD” program.  Although some teachers are struggling to use new the modern educational technique effectively, all students attending Miramonte High School are asked to bring their own devices to classes in order to enhance their learning capabilities. The “devices” range from older generation iPads, to Chromebooks, to the newest Mac Air. However, due to past issues regarding robbery on campus, some students are nervous about bringing their expensive technology to school.

In past few years at Miramonte, there have been incidents, mostly taking place in the boy’s locker room of theft on campus believed to be committed by other students. During the school year of 2015-2016, freshman Ricky Waters had his MacBook computer stolen out of his backpack while he was running the mile for his physical education class. Waters left his backpack unattended, sitting on the bench of the boy’s locker room. In another more recent incident, a few seniors had their debit cards stolen from their personal belongings while at football practice.

To prevent incidents like this, teachers and administration encourage students to put their valuables into their lockers. Although many students chose to ignore this solution, it is viewed as a safer option. However, in many instances students have to distance their backpacks from their person, leaving their valuable devices vulnerable to the public.  “It makes complete sense to put our computers in our lockers during P.E.,” junior Gracie Guidotti said. “But I worry about leaving my backpack outside while in a school rally, bathroom, or simply at my lunch table while I go talk to a teacher.” Guidotti expressed a common concern between Miramonte students of all grades.

Although Miramonte is known for its safe environment, there is a risk is bringing such expensive devices to school. Junior Zachary Barker acknowledges the risk, but believes that the benefit the technology brings is worth the gamble. “Being able to start my essay during Academy, join Kahoots, and take notes during a lecture on my own iPad helps me stay engaged and up to date in class”. Many students are more than willing to risk the losing their device in order to take advantage of the benefits technology brings to the classroom.