Miramonte Baseball Players Support Grateful Gatherings


Peter Stehr, Sports Editor

January 27, 2018, Orinda families, Local community members, and Mats baseball players donated over 285 items and over $3000 to a program known as Grateful Gatherings. This program is dedicated to helping families, typically with two to three kids, in their transition out of homelessness or violent domestic situations. For the third year in a row, the Mats baseball team helped Grateful Gatherings furnish two apartment complexes for two single mothers and their respective children who have moved away from abusive situations and have settled down in Pleasant Hill.

With the help of free moving services provided by Chipman Relocation and Logistics, the baseball team moved objects such as TVs, couches, bed frames, silverware, rugs, appliances, and other essential housing items. “This year, we helped two families in one day, a big challenge for Mats Baseball, but we did it and it was great to make a tangible difference and see the amazing reactions when each family walked in the door,” Co-organizer Campbell Hoskins said. Hoskins’ mom, Lisa Hoskins, helped link up Grateful Gathering program with the Mats baseball program, so that upwards of 30 boys can contribute to their community in a meaningful way.

Before being helped by Grateful Gatherings, each of the two families were surviving off of a single shared air mattress, limited clothing items, and multiple part-time jobs. Both single mothers were in the process of moving away from abusive situations when Grateful Gatherings and the baseball team furnished their homes. “I’ve worked so hard, saved my money and was finally able to afford this apartment, but you turned this apartment into a home. I am so grateful,” Susan said, the mother of young two daughters. These two families were referred to Grateful Gatherings through the SAVE program, a shelter for abused women and children stationed in Oakland.

These two mothers can now focus on finding stable jobs and will not have to worry about providing a comfortable home environment for their kids. The baseball team looks to continue their work with Grateful Gatherings next year.