Local Restaurants That Remain Open For Takeout or Delivery Amidst COVID-19

Emerson Bohlig, Staff Writer

Imagine you are sitting in at home, running low on food, but you don’t want to go grocery shopping. Luckily, there are many alternative food options during this quarantine, including meals from local restaurants. Many restaurants in Orinda remain open during shelter-in-place All the restaurants that are open are offering takeout, and several are offering delivery. If a restaurant is not offering delivery, there are many businesses that deliver food for them like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Postmates.

Many local restaurants are not chains, so they have to support themselves and create additional challenges. If the community doesn’t support the local restaurants, many of them are at risk of closing down because of the lack of customers and income. There are about 33 food places in Orinda that are open during this time, which gives residents of Orinda many options. “I always get take out from Petra Cafe, the greek place, in downtown Orinda, and it never disappoints,” junior Marlowe Randolph said. Hours for restaurants are changing due to the lockdown, so times when these restaurants are open is more restricted.

“Thai food in Orinda is bomb, and both places, Siam Orchid and Baan Thai, have super good food. All the employees are super nice and safe during this time,” junior Katie Bakonyvari said.

There are also more specialized places like dessert stores that people can still enjoy during these times. Loards, Republic of Cake, and Sharetea are all offering takeout at this time. 

It is sometimes hard for families to cook all three meals everyday, so takeout from local restaurants provides a nice break. Ordering takeout is a great way to support local businesses and spice up your weekly routine with some exciting and different food. 



Restaurant Offering Takeout? Offering Delivery?
Baja Cali yes yes
Ban Thai Restaurant yes yes
Cafe Teatro yes Yes- Uber eats
Cine Cuvee TBD  
Europa Hofbrau yes Yes- Postmates
Fourth Bore yes yes
Genuine Goodness yes Yes- for people above the age of 65 years
Geppetto’s Cafe yes  
Hanazen yes  
La Piazza Pizzeria Trattoria TBD  
Loard’s Ice Cream yes  
Maya Mexican Grill yes Yes- Postmates
Nation’s Giant Hamburgers yes  
Niwa Restaurant yes Yes- Postmates
Peet’s Coffee yes  
Petra Cafe yes  
Reem’s Steaks yes yes
Republic of Cake yes  
Saffron Indian Restaurant yes Yes- Postmates
Sharetea yes Yes- DoorDash
Shelby’s yes Yes- Postmates
Siam Orchid yes Yes- Postmates
Subway TBD  
Sushi Island yes Yes- Postmates
Szechwan Chinese Restaurant yes  
Taverna Pelligni yes  
Village Inn Cafe TBD Yes- Postmates
Village Pizza yes yes
Yu Bistro yes  
Zamboni’s Pizza yes yes