Ellie Foster Creates New Club: Surf and Save

Ingaborg Foutch and Reese Smith

Pulling up your gloves and mask, you start to walk along the beach. Alongside you, a few others trudge by, picking up every ounce of trash you stumble upon. After a couple of hours spent picking up waste and cleaning the beach, you and your friends slip into wetsuits, grab some boards, and hit the waves.

Junior Ellie Foster has been brainstorming for a couple months on how to successfully execute a club that encompasses beach clean ups as well as surfing. Foster’s club will be a combination of hard work and fun. Foster put her plan to action by first, texting a small group of friends who love the beach and are enthusiastic about helping the environment. Then, coming up with the genius name: “Surf and Save”, which is exactly what the club intends to do. Although Foster did not make her club an official Miramonte Club back in October, she hopes to do so next year.

Foster plans on cleaning up several different beaches in Northern California with her club members, which include an assortment of juniors, in efforts to clean the coast one beach at a time.

“I wanted to start a beach cleanup club because I think it is very important to keep the things we love healthy and clean. I love to surf and spend time at the beach, and I know others do as well, so I wanted to create a club that would allow people to spend time at the beach as well as keep it clean,” Foster said. Foster has been dreaming up this club for a while, and is excited to see her dream become a reality. To become a member of Foster’s club, one does not need any prior surfing knowledge, just a desire to clean our environment and enjoy the outdoors with friends. 

“I am super excited to join my classmates and take action to protect our environment,” junior, and club member, Thomas Quinnild said. Students are excited to join Foster in protecting the environment, and our beaches in particular. 

“I am super excited to be a part of the beach cleanup group because it’s a great way to help the environment and get involved, while still having a great time. It’s super exciting to be able to have the opportunity to help out the environment while staying safe during the pandemic,” junior Julia Hunt said. Like most everything else, service opportunities have been less prevalent due to the pandemic, so students are more ready than ever to lend a helping hand. 

“In regards to future plans, I’m hoping to connect my club with Miramonte next year, because I’m currently running it on my own. I also hope to further publicize it, in order to grab the attention of others who may be interested,” Foster said. If possible, Foster hopes to expand her club and number of members involved next year. 

After a long day cleaning up the coast, and then surfing with friends, you finally get in the car to head home. What an awesome day it has been, saving the environment whilst having a blast!