Students Share Plans for a COVID-19 Safe Spring Break

Reese Smith, Staff Writer

The peaceful crash of waves hitting the sand plays on repeat while the warmth of the sun beats down and the feeling of absolute relaxation and content finally settles in. It’s spring break and the worries and stressors of homework, tests, and work all fade away, masked by the serenity of vacation (or staycation). For the second year, however, spring break may look a bit different. With COVID-19 still a very prevalent issue it will be interesting to see how students approach a varied COVID-19 safe spring break. 

“This year I’m staying home for spring break and just planning on working out, hanging out with family, swimming, and relaxing,” sophomore Nic Webber said. Some families will opt-out of going on vacation entirely, to avoid possible exposure to the coronavirus from travel. This alternative can still allow for a fun-filled staycation that includes spending quality time with family, catching up on sleep, binging a new TV show, and taking some time off for self-care and relaxation. 

Staying at home for Spring Break can be just as fun as going out of town; there are plenty of fun activities to enjoy. Some examples include going on a local hike around the Lafayette Reservoir, baking yummy treats, swimming at community or friend’s pools, reading a good book, catching up on much needed sleep, and having a movie-marathon!

“Unfortunately, this year for spring break I am unable to see my grandparents and cousins to go on our annual family trip, but I am planning on going down to Santa Cruz with my parents and brothers, which I am excited for,” junior Julia Hunt said. Many students will spend this year with direct family members only, in order to stay safe and healthy. Although it is sad to go another break without seeing extended family, once COVID-19 is more contained it will all be worth it.

Even though it will be less common to see students traveling by plane this year, many are still finding COVID-safe ways to do so. These include getting tested before departure as well as before coming back, always wearing a mask, using excessive amounts of hand sanitizer, and keeping six feet away from people outside of family or those you are traveling with. 

“My family and I are getting COVID-19 tested 72 hours before our flight to Hawaii. We all have to test negative to travel. When we land on the island, we have to get tested again to make sure we are negative. On the island we will wear masks and practice social distancing on the beach and other places we go,” junior Ellie Foster said. The Foster family is excited to get out of town in a COVID-safe way by taking extra precautions and social distancing.

Other students, particularly current sophomores and juniors, can be found touring colleges this spring break to get a better understanding of what each one offers. Although tours are not typically offered at this time due to COVID-19, some families are still finding ways to explore campuses and surrounding areas. 

Fast forward to spring break 2022, the sun shines down, crystal blue waves flow in and out with the current, warm sand is felt beneath the colorful beach towel, all is well in the world again. What a nice image right? Well this can all be possible with the help of the safety precautions taken this year.