Student Body Votes for New ASB Officers

Jonathan Pham and Henry Hill

Isolated in their homes, the 2020-2021 Associated Student Body (ASB) officers plan out their vision to improve the Miramonte experience once students return to campus and look ahead to the next school year. The new officers start planning immediately, eager to make up for time lost to the pandemic. 

From Feb 16. to Feb 19., Miramonte students, excluding seniors, voted for their future ASB officers. Juniors Jack Brun and Elena Gant ran against each other for the position of ASB President with Brun emerging as the winner. The remaining candidates ran unopposed. The winners of the Vice President, treasurer, and secretary positions are current juniors Donovan Davidson, Julia Hunt, and Anna Crinks, respectively. 

ASB President-elect Brun is entering his third year in the Miramonte Leadership class and has set big goals for his presidency. Brun was the class president his sophomore and junior year and brings a wealth of experience to the most encompassing leadership position on campus. As president, he will be tasked with running the Leadership class, working with his fellow ASB and class officers to create activities for students, and acting as a bridge between the students and the staff at Miramonte.  “I ran for office because for the past two years in Leadership, I have always felt like there was a divide between Leadership and the student body. I want to make Leadership as connected and in tune with everybody on campus so that anybody would feel comfortable coming up to us, either to ask a question or give a suggestion,” Brun said.

Two-year member of the Leadership class and incoming ASB Vice President Davidson hopes to make the school a more fun and welcoming environment after a year of distance learning. As Vice President, Davidson’s role is to communicate with parents, staff, students, and other schools to plan events. “I’m so excited to be in a big role in the Leadership class and make decisions that will directly impact the school. Since we’ve had a year without being in person, I believe we should make up for that with having more dances and hosting more fun events like movie nights, water balloon fights, etc. I think it’s such a great opportunity to try and make Miramonte a fun and welcoming place!” Davidson said.

Entering her third year in Leadership, incoming ASB treasurer Julia Hunt plans to make the 2021-2022 school year an unforgettable experience. As the treasurer for the class of 2022 the last two years, she’s learned the essentials of managing the Leadership budget and deciding how to direct funds towards dances and other activities that interest Miramonte students. “Next year as Treasurer my main focus is to put our money towards fun and inclusive events for all of the grades at Miramonte. Some ideas I have planned for next year are to have more interactive activities like powder puff, movie nights, and lunchtime events. Prom and Ball are two of my top priorities for next year. I plan to make these events memorable in order to make up for all of the dances we have missed from COVID-19,” Hunt said. 

Three-year member of the Leadership class and incoming ASB secretary Anna Crinks wants to see students’ favorite events return while also testing out new ones. As secretary, Crinks’ role is to run class events and write up the announcements. “I am so excited to get back to school and I want to try my best to make the year awesome for every student. Once we get back to school we are definitely going to have tons of fun events,” Crinks said.

Through deliberate planning and hard work, the incoming ASB officers plan to leave a lasting impact upon the school they cherish. Tasked with the difficult job of reconnecting a virtual student body, these officers will have a lot on their plate in the upcoming school year.