Car Culture Becomes Increasingly Popular Among Students

Jonathan Pham, News Editor

Across the multiple parking lots at Miramonte, there are hundreds of cars parked. Most of these cars are simply a means of getting from point A to point B. However, some students take much more pride in their cars than others, modding them to increase their performance and aesthetic appeal.

In most cases, students earn the privilege to drive around the timeframe of junior year or late sophomore year. Some students simply view their cars as their mode of transportation. Conversely, those interested in and knowledgeable about cars often put time and effort into improving their cars.

“I’ve been into cars my whole life. Dirt biking at a young age and always working on them led me to really enjoy working on and modifying engines. Later throughout middle school I fell in love with cars because of my brother. I’ve helped him work on and modify his cars which taught me a ton about cars and how they work,” junior Michael Bowers said.

Modifications serve to increase a car’s performance or change its appearance to fit the owner’s desired look. Common modifications include but are not limited to engine swaps, which can make one’s car either more powerful or economical, suspension upgrades, which change the height of a car’s suspension, and exhaust upgrades, which gives cars a deeper rumble.

“Right now I have a 2015 BMW m3. I’ve added a front splitter, a rear wing, black front grills, track tires, and I changed the oil and spark plugs myself,” Car Club co-president and senior Lanie Pritchard said.

“I have a 2014 Suburu wrx. I’ve done a bunch of cosmetic mods as well as basic maintenance. My car also has some engine and exhaust upgrades,” junior Carter Clarke said.

Many car enthusiasts, looking to appreciate the work of others and share their love for cars, attend car meets where many other members of the community gather. At car meets, owners proudly show off their cars and the modifications which make them unique

“I’ve been to one meet. It was organized by a big group of people so it was safe and there were many interesting cars and people. Meets like that are super fun to go to,” Clarke said.

“The other people in the car community got me more interest in cars. They are always super cool and helpful people,” Bowers said.

After saving up for months, a student turns their interest in cars into a reality. Encouraged by other members of the community, the student researches and adds a multitude of modifications to make the car unique to them.