Miramonte Celebrates Latinx Heritage Month


Photo from Miramonte High School Home Page

Grace Liu and Luke Lewis

Bang! A loud popping noise echoes around the quad from outside the Wellness Center as the piñata explodes. Students smile and cheer while scooping up candy in celebration of Mexican Independence Day. This was one of the many activities the Miramonte Spanish program hosted to celebrate and honor Latinx Heritage Month. 

In the United States, Latinx Heritage Month is celebrated from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. “Latinx Heritage Month shows the contributions and celebrates the heritage of many Latino communities,” Spanish teacher Profesora Flores said. “It is important because it celebrates a group of people, and sheds light on all the problems Latinos face.”

In celebration, the Latinx Student Union and the Leadership Diversity Commission hosted a film screening of, “Latinos Beyond Reel: Challenging a Media Stereotype” Friday, Sept. 24 in the theatre during academy which addressed the stereotypical roles Latinos often play in movies. After the film, there were breakout discussions where students talked about the film and what they learned. “We talked about the stereotypes some people might have about Latinos,” senior and president of the Latinx Student Union Lesley Aparicio said. “Many people opened their eyes because they have seen these representations of Latinos, and we explained the struggle with the stereotype that Mexicans or Latinos are bandits.” 

Spanish classes also learned about the different cultures from various Spanish-speaking countries and students explored different ethnic and cultural traditions through projects and presentations. “I learned about the Rumba from Cuba,” junior and Spanish 4 Honors student Maya Martono said. “We learn the dances, the history, popular musicians, instruments, and country of origin in order to learn more about the culture.” You may have seen the photos of famous Latinos and maps of all different countries. 

Additionally, a collaborative event tentatively scheduled for mid-to-late October between the Spanish programs and Latinx Student Unions at AUHSD schools is in the works. “We’re going to have an event with the whole district. We’re going to represent as many Latin countries as we can,” Aparicio said. “We’re going to play games and learn about the country’s culture. There will be food trucks, music, and many other things that we’re still planning.” 

“Latinx Heritage Month promotes the humanity and beauty of all the various Latino cultures,” Profesora Flores added. “This month doesn’t just represent Mexíco, but it represents all Latino countries that all have unique culture and ideas.”