Club Day Helps Students Discover New Interests

Sophia Luo

Colorful booths line the quad, displaying artistic tri-fold posters and eye-catching decorations. Curious students navigate the makeshift maze, searching for clubs that pique their interest as student officers eagerly talk to prospective members. Under the bright September sun, another annual Club Day successfully kicks off a new year for Miramonte’s clubs.

The Miramonte Leadership class organized and hosted Club Day on Wednesday, Sept. 7 at lunch. Club Day is a yearly event where students learn about and potentially join the different student-led clubs offered. The wide variety of clubs ranges from local chapters of larger parent organizations to completely original student clubs.

“As someone who once attended Club Day as a ninth grader, I really appreciated it because it allowed me to find new communities of friends who had shared interests. I still participate in these clubs in my senior year and I even run some of them now, so Club Day really brought me full circle,” senior Megan Chui said. Chui currently serves as the President of Bring Change to Mind, a club that focuses on addressing mental illness stigmas and promoting mental health conversations. Bring Change to Mind Miramonte is one of 390 nationwide high school branches that operate collectively under one parent program. 

Many clubs are completely unique to Miramonte, founded by students who hope to share their unique interests and passions. In past years, club rosters included clubs like the Ramen Appreciation Club, Volkswagen Club, and numerous other programs. Like its preceding clubs, the Tabletop Games Club is a new club based on one student’s original idea. 

“I wanted to create a space where Miramonte students can make friends and connect with each other over a shared interest in board games. Unlike already established clubs, it is hard for me to determine how much interest there would be in a club like this. I just have to trust my judgment that other people like board games just as much as I do,” senior Alice Ball said.

Leadership plans Club Day with great detail in order to ensure it runs smoothly for all participating clubs and interested students. Club applications opened on Aug. 17, giving students an opportunity to create their own clubs for this coming school year. As Chair of Student Outreach, Senior and Leadership student Luca Gamboa oversees the club application process and Club Day itself, working with clubs throughout the year to ensure all operates smoothly.

“I think Miramonte offers a large variety of clubs, so students are able to join a large selection of clubs and meet new people. As a whole, Miramonte’s clubs are a great way to build community at the school and offer spaces where students can enjoy being around others of similar interests,” Gamboa said.

Club Day is especially valuable for new students. After seeing the different clubs available at Miramonte, newer students can become more involved on campus and explore their interests. “Freshman year is kind of the year where you have a lot of time to figure out what you want to do, so joining clubs is the best way to experience a lot of things really fast,” freshman Sachi Patwardhan said. “You can kind of figure out what you’re interested in and what makes you happy.”

“I like Club Day because it is cool to see just how many different interests people at Miramonte have. Making new friends is always hard, so I like that clubs give people a chance to branch out and find other people who share their same interests,” Ball said. After a successful Club Day, officers and members alike anticipate a school year full of fun meetings and events planned by all clubs on campus.

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