Storm Headed to Northern California


Kathleen Immel and Reagan Tierney

Kayaks, canoes, snorkeling gear, boats, and other flotation devices will be necessary this weekend as Northern California is expecting large amounts of rain and horrible flooding. In fact, the LA Times called it a “once in ten year storm.”

At least three storms are forecasted, dropping three to four inches of rain across the bay by Monday, according to Mercury News. “It’s not a lot of little storms, these are significant rain producers,” Jan Null, a meteorologist with Golden Gate Weather Services in Saratoga, said.

This amount of rain poses a possible threat. SF Gate advises people to not attempt to drive on or walk across roads that appear to have more than six inches of water. Six inches of water can potentially move a car or knock a person over.

Long gone are the days of hitting the slopes, and then a few rocks. The Sierra Nevadas are expected to receive 10 feet of new snow from the upcoming storms. The Tahoe Tribune stated that Lake Tahoe Basin’s snowpack has already increased from 62% to 129%. Students planning to make the treck to Tahoe this weekend can expect heavy traffic due to road closures.

However, dead lawns and restricted water usage are not things of the past yet. According to National Broadcasting Company, 81% of California remains in a drought today. Southern California remains under the most severe drought conditions in California. Most of Northern California is supposed to be out of the drought by the end of this winter.