Spring Rally Ramps Up School Spirit


The rally leaders scream as they drive into a river, as a part of their rally video.

Rosie Chester, Staff Writer

Blow-up hamster balls, light saber battles, and a staff band were just a couple things that were featured at the spring rally last Friday. As students geared up for APs and finals, the spring rally proved to be a nice stress-reliever, complete with lots of good laughs and positivity. “The lightsaber battle looked very cool in the dark gym. [Rally leaders] really know how to handle lightsabers and did a great job of riling up the crowd,” senior Nolan Brown said. The long-awaited rally video received positive feedback as the leaders used a drone to film some new and improved footage. “Since the rally video is one of the things that students really pay attention to, the rally leaders make sure to create an engaging video each time. The drone was a really nice touch and offered something new,” senior Kathryn Silveira said.

Not only did the students have fun, but so did the administration and staff that attended. Rally leaders made sure to include staff in a staff cheer and welcomed a staff band that played the fan-favorite oldie “Sweet Caroline”. “I loved the spring rally this year. I can finally understand and follow the videos. I am very happy that the staff is more involved. I think— to quote Mrs. Sorenson— we need more teacher ‘zaniness’ around campus. When the teachers do things like the staff band, staff vs student basketball game, dance at a rally, etc. it really improves the school climate and culture. It’s similar to when you have your teachers high five you on a Friday before class. It just brings everyone’s attitude up,” band member and teacher Nadar Jazayeri said. He encourages leadership to “keep up the good work”.

All in all, this year’s spring rally proved successful due to an abundance of school spirit. “I’d say this was my favorite rally this year. The whole thing turned out better than I had expected. My personal favorite part was the staff band because of how involved and supportive the student body was,” rally leader Robbie Tennant said.