Spring Fling Dance was a Hit


Cassidy Haskell, Staff Writer

There is no better way to celebrate the blossoming flowers and the intermittent rain showers than the annual Miramonte Spring Fling dance. On Friday, April 38th, Miramonte students from all grades attended the “Under the Big Top” circus-themed dance from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at Miramonte.

Many students from the leadership class helped prepare and set up the dance. The party planner company, Events to the T, was an essential part of the preparation. Both underclassmen and upperclassmen wholeheartedly supported the decision: “The decorations were really unique and cool,” sophomore Allie Hughs said. Unlike previous dances, students filled the gym as well as the entire quad. Inside the gym, there was a DJ and lots of room for dancing. Outside, many carnival games scattered the quad, including a hike striker, ski ball, and a ring toss. Cotton candy was a popular option amongst students too. Along with the games, there was a woman on stilts walking around and a magician that fascinated all who watched: “The magician was actually magical,” sophomore Sophia Pinto said.

Although this seemed like a hit for the majority of those who attended, some students felt that the dance didn’t meet their expectations. “The idea of the dance was fun and clever, but everything was spread out too much and the DJ played old music which wasn’t that fun to dance to,” sophomore Justin Alvarado said. Some students weren’t a fan of the dance’s theme either: “It was confusing to dress up for and some of the entertainment was creepy,” Pinto explained.

Despite there being positive and negative opinions on the dance, many people attended. Those who did come participated in the various activities offered and danced to the music.”Our goal is to make next year’s dances fun and and different than previous dances,” sophomore leadership student Amanda Glynn said.