Administration Cracks Down on Substance Abuse in Bathrooms

Peter Stehr, Sports Editor

Students taking daily excursions to the bathroom has been a common theme this entire year in Miramonte life. Recently, Miramonte Administration has been cracking down vaping and smoking in bathrooms around campus.

The last couple of months, teachers, as well as on campus security guards, have been notified to keep track of students who consistently leave during their period. This has all been a measure to prevent students from vaping and smoking in school bathrooms in the middle of the school day. “Obviously we are trying to stop substance use at school,” Assistant Principal Jan Carlson said, “so we have asked teachers to monitor students who are leaving, especially those who ask every day and are consistently gone for 7-10 minutes.”

The school’s security guards, who constantly comb the campus, are also looking for these ‘red flags’ of students who aimlessly wander. “We are not only concerned about substance use, but also about the safety of the students,” Carlson said. “We are responsible for all students, and when they are gone for more than 10 minutes, we begin to worry about where they are and if they are safe.”