Students Swarm Counseling Office

Jonathan Pham, Staff Writer

The first week of the school year is a time for students to get accustomed to their new classes or switch out of them.  The counseling office quickly flooded with students requesting to see their counselors. The counseling staff advised students to fill out one of the purple class switch slips or wait a week for a meeting.

“The situation was actually tame compared to past years.  There were a lot of people but it was much more controlled and we[counseling staff] were all working together.  I think that this year’s first week went a lot better than years past,” registrar Drue Kendell said.  Compared to past years, this year’s first week in the counseling office actually went pretty well.

“Over 500 purple class switch sheets were printed and taken,” assistant principal Nick Carpenter said.  Of 1263 students at Miramonte, a sizable chunk picked up a slip to switch their classes.  Although these purple sheets were available, students complained that they were not able to get into their requested classes.  Some students tried emailing their counselors to have a better chance of having their classes switched around but elsewhere.  

“I have not been able to switch my classes up to this point, I tried emailing her[his counselor], but she just referred me to Mr. Carpenter.  I thought it would have been much more helpful to speak with my counselor and explain my reasons rather than having my request get lost in an ocean of purple sheets,” sophomore Ethan Berndt said, “It didn’t seem like they were doing anything more than referring me to the purple sheet because I was stuck in a class I didn’t want to be in.  I wanted to switch out of my class quickly because I didn’t want to be behind in my new one.”