Heat Wave Hits During First Week of School

Jonathan Pham, Staff Writer

The heat wave across the Bay Area scalded Miramonte students during the first week of school with temperatures peaking at 100 degrees Thursday, Aug. 15.  Sitting in air-conditioned classrooms negated the effects of the heat wave, but as soon as students set foot outside their classrooms, they felt the heat immediately.

“In the middle of our hill run at cross country, the air felt so thick.   The air felt so difficult to breathe,” sophomore Dominic Clerici said.  Clerici’s running at practice was hindered by the blistering temperatures and humidity brought on by the heatwave.  The hot air was difficult for him to breathe.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been so hydrated in my life to be honest.  After school tennis was torturous in that heat. I felt so sluggish and tired.  I drank so much water that week to try and cool down during practice. I refilled my bottle at least six times a day,” sophomore Clemens Van Dongen said.  The first week of school heat wave disrupted Van Dongen’s tennis making him feel slow.

“The weather has been so weird recently.  We had that giant heatwave and then it was cold the next Monday.  I was confused and dressed for 100-degree weather,” Van Dongen said.  The heatwave was followed by a one day period on Monday, Aug. 19th, when temperatures dropped to 57 degrees.