The CSU Board Announced that Students will Learn Virtually this Upcoming Fall Semester

Henry Hill, Staff Writer

According to a release by The California State University (CSU) board, the universities will all run virtually this upcoming fall semester. The announcement comes following a virtual board meeting of the CSU schools on May 12, in which Chancellor Timothy White declared his intentions. 

 According to White, few classes will be in person, but only those deemed vital and most likely associated with nursing. The CSU system, which includes over 500,000 people and 23 campuses, is the largest four-year public school system in the United States. All students, excluding those attending classes on campus, will have to do school from their own homes. 

“Our university, when open without restrictions and fully in person, as is the traditional norm of the past, is a place where over 500,000 people come together in close and vibrant proximity with each other on a daily basis,” White said. “That approach, sadly, just isn’t in the cards now as I have described.”

This decision will directly impact many Miramonte seniors that are attending CSU’s. A large number of Miramonte alumni go to these schools and their freshman experience may be altered significantly.

More and more schools will make the decision on whether to go virtual for the fall semester in the coming weeks. As of right now, the University of California(UC) system has not announced their intentions on whether or not they will keep classes in person.

“I’m really hoping that UC schools will be able to hold classes in person because I feel like I would learn a lot more and get more out of the college experience, rather than through a screen,” Miramonte senior and rising UCLA freshman Seth Carlson said.

“I am disappointed to say the least as I will be missing the beginning of my college career. From my experiences, it is almost impossible to learn virtually and I understand why some people would choose to take a gap year to wait out the pandemic,” Miramonte senior and rising San Diego State University freshman Gio Sponzili said.