ASB Candidates Campaign Their Cause

Lauren Cunningham, Staff Writer

Miramonte’s annual student body election will take place Feb. 16 to 19, allowing students to vote for next year’s officers. Junior Jack Brun is running for president, against junior Elena Gant; junior Donovan Davidson is running for vice president; junior Julia Hunt is competing for treasurer; and junior Anna Crinks is competing for secretary. Voting for the election will take place through a Google Form that will be provided on a Google Sites website that is specifically created for the ASB election. The website will be published and sent to students through Canvas and their email. Students can vote all week, as opposed to past years where voting took place on one day through a Google Form. Results of the election will be released soon after Feb. 19, 2:45 pm. 

In past years, students running for office could  promote their platform by posting on  social media, as well as decorating the hallways with posters to gain supporters. This year students are not allowed to promote the election at all because in past years students have used platforms to put down the other candidates. Students will be informed about the election through reminders sent out through Canvas. 

“A goal of mine for next year would be to create a safe and welcoming school community that incorporates inclusion and equity,” Brun said. All students running for an ASB position will create a video explaining their platform and why they believe they should be elected. The videos will be posted on the ASB website. 

“I want to have a bigger voice on campus and do my best to give the students a voice. It’s important for students to feel connected,” Hunt said. ASB officers help run the Leadership class, organize school events and activities, and distribute school funds. Some activities they focus on are Junior Prom, Senior Ball, Homecoming, and sporting events, which have been limited this school year due to the pandemic. “I want to make school as fun as possible,” Davidson said. 

“It’s important for students to vote because they can have a say in who represents them and their school,” Gant said. Students will vote through a google form that is provided on the ASB website by clicking which candidate they believe would be best for each position. “I’m excited to vote because it’s my first year being able to have a say in what goes on at school,” freshman Henry Engs said.

“Being ASB secretary would allow me to support every grade and make lots of positive changes that will benefit our school,” Crinks said. Freshmen, sophomore, and junior elections for class representatives occur  the week after the ASB officers are selected. These students’ decisions only affect their grade, whereas ASB officers can make decisions for the entire school. 

Elena Gant running for president. (Elena Gant)
Jack Brun running for president. (Jack Brun)
Donovan Davidson running for vice president. (Donovan Davidson)
Anna Crinks running for secretary. (Anna Crinks)
Julia Hunt running for treasurer. (Julia Hunt)