Drama II Holds Halloween Performances


Photo by Paolo Chiabrando on Unsplash

Mika Strickler, Staff Writer

Drama II recently held their annual Halloween performance, featuring Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson fairytales with scripts written by the students. The performance was during 3rd period on Oct. 28 in the theatre.

The scripts the students wrote and performed were based on the tales of Rumplestiltskin, The Snow Queen, and The Three Army Surgeons, a lesser known story. Heather Cousins, drama teacher, Musical Theatre co-teacher, and Stagecraft coordinator emphasized that the performances were truly student-created. “Part of their assignment was to create a lighting and sound concept that would enhance their performance and their overall creative aesthetic… the students could choose whatever fairytale they wanted, as long as it was a Brothers Grimm or Hans Christen Anderson one,” Cousins said. 

For some students, the Halloween performance was their first time acting live in front of an audience or their first time since the pandemic. “Performing live felt a little strange since it has been a while since I’ve done so due to quarantine,” sophomore Maple Davis said. Davis played the lead role in The Snow Queen and composed original music for the show. “The main thing I learned from the music project was better time management, since wasting time with this really wasn’t an option considering we had one month to prepare the whole show.”

Sophomore Claire Sien was another student involved in the show. She played multiple roles in The Snow Queen play. “It was amazing, the rush was great, and it’s actually my first time performing live in front of an audience,” Sien said. 

“What makes live theatre special is the interaction between the people who are in the room, which is something you don’t get from watching a movie or streaming a show on Netflix. With Covid, we all realized how much we missed that,” Cousins said.