Reasons To Buy The New iPhone 12

Reese Smith, Staff Writer

Apple introduced its newest model Oct. 13, the iPhone 12. The phone is available to purchase from Apple’s website or to pick-up in Apple stores or corresponding service companies such as AT&T and Verizon. The iPhone 12 is undoubtedly worth the cost because of its extremely promising features, making it a product that all Apple users should upgrade to or invest in.

The features of the iPhone 12 include a new design with a more square exterior for easier grippage, a dual-lens camera, and a new protective ceramic shield to help increase the durability of the phone. Perhaps the most enticing feature though, is the Fifth-Generation wireless (5G) support, the latest iteration of cellular technology, engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. These combined features ensure the long-lasting capability of the iPhone 12 and reinvent technology as a whole.

The starting price is $699 or $799 for the iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12, respectively. However, Apple does offer a trade-in plan allowing someone to turn in a previously owned iPhone, for credit towards a new phone or monthly payments to their selected service carrier. This option can save up to $370 from the original iPhone 12 cost. Apple also offers an option to pay monthly through an installment plan. “The iPhone 12 is the kind of product Apple only releases once in a while–the kind that looks different, is built on a fundamentally new technology, and will ultimately form the basis of future iPhones for years to come,” Adam Ismail said on Tom’s Guide, a website about technology and tech products. This product is not only an investment in the newest iPhone, but rather a phenomenal advancement for the technology industry as a whole. 

The back of the iPhone continues to be made from glass and comes in five different colors: blue, green, black, white, and red. The variety of colors offers consumers the ability to add their personality to the device by choosing its appearance. The model also offers dust resistance and the ability to withstand submersion in six meters of water for up to 30 minutes.The ability to customize and personalize the exterior of the phone allows for it to mean something more to the owner than just an electronic device, seeing as it does hold such cherished memories and important information on the inside. 

Although the iPhone 12 does hold some incredible features, some believe its price is not worth the actual product. Many do not see the point in spending $700 on a new phone when they already have an operating device. “I think the iPhone 12 is really cool and the camera is really good. I got it because I needed a new phone, so it was definitely worth the upgrade. If you don’t need a new phone though, it’s probably not worth it,” sophomore Charlie Burke said. However, the mindset of “only upgrading if absolutely necessary” should not always apply. The positives of the new features and technological advancements in addition to the price accommodations outweigh the cost.

“The thing I like the most about the iPhone 12 is the 5G. Now I have way better cellular data. Also, with the trade-in feature the price is reduced from the starting price, so it isn’t as horrible. So, ultimately, I think it’s pretty worth it if you need a new phone,” junior Joe Gonzales said.

“I think getting the iPhone 12 is worth it. Coming from the iPhone 8, which took forever to load, crashed all the time, and took horrible pictures, it is a massive improvement. The camera quality seems almost better than my eyes and apps open instantly. The biggest pro, however, is that the battery lasts forever. I absolutely love my phone and it is definitely worth it in my opinion,” junior Samuel Quinnild said. Apple consumers tend to stay loyal to the company, and for good reason. When in the process of creating a new device, the company deeply considers all of their customers preferences and diligently strives to satisfy them, ensuring that their newest models are truly the best they can offer. 

The iPhone 12 models are an exciting and promising addition to Apple’s products as well as a huge advancement in the technology field. The new features are noticeably superior to those of older makes, and people who purchase the iPhone 12 are quick to commend it .  If the opportunity to upgrade to this newest model presents itself, do not hesitate to take it.