Miramonte Football Kicks Off the Season

Libby Hawkins , Staff Writer

Saturday, August 7 Miramonte football hosted the 4×4 football scrimmage. This year’s 4×4 included: Miramonte High School, Redwood High School, McClymonds High School and Piedmont High School. “I think it is a great way to start the season because you can figure out what you need to work on before your first game,” varsity player, Greg Hemming ‘21 said. 

The 4×4 is set up with the field split in half, two teams on each half, then the teams play 15 minutes of offense followed by 15 minutes of defense or vice versa, then they rotated. The teams do not keep track of the score, it is a learning experience. “Three different teams with different offenses and defenses in a more highly intense competition that we can not simulate against ourselves,” Varsity Coach Jack Schram said. Both Miramonte JV and varsity teams participated. “I enjoyed playing in the 4×4 because I think that it was fun getting to play against other teams before the season started,” JV player Matthew Hawkins ‘23 said. 

This scrimmage marks the start of the Miramonte football team, with the first official game of the season Friday, August 23 against De Anza.