The Mirador

2017-2018 Staff

Kendal Roberts

Editor in Chief

Angelina Little

Editor in Cheif

No longer will you find senior Angelina Little crying under desks and spending the period on Buzzfeed trying to find out where she will go to college based on her Chipotle order. Instead, Little is now the Big man on campus, or at least in the Mirador roo...

Reagan Tierney

Online Editor

Senior Reagan Tierney is excited to be the online editor in chief! Besides being a journalist, in her spare time, she likes to try to grow taller than her younger sister, take pictures with other people's pugs, and count the number of freckles on her nose. S...

Kiki Immel

Opinion Editor

Senior Kiki Immel is looking forward to her second year on the Mirador staff. She is excited for a relaxed senior year full of writing articles, AP classes, and college applications. You can find her on the tennis courts, with her friends, spending quality...

Peter Stehr

Sports Editor

Senior writer Peter Stehr enjoys playing football and baseball for the matadors, as well as driving his $750 Eddie Bauer edition Ford Explorer. This year Peter is replacing his brother Clayton as the sports editor for the Mirador. He looks forward to...

Gina Bizjak

Broadcast Manager

Hanna Rutqvist

Broadcast Manager

Xavier Clark

Staff Writer

Senior Xavier Clark is excited for his third year on Mirador Staff. When he is not writing articles, he enjoys holding Henry Marken’s kicking balls.

Henry Marken

Staff Writer

This is Henry’s first year at Mirador. He is really hoping to add his invaluable advice and sportsmanship to the broadcast staff. His passions include kicking for the football team, filming short movies for his studio, Trick Tryke Productions, and c...

Thomas Marriner

Managing Editor

Managing editor Thomas Marriner is too cool to write himself a staff bio. He is the only person in Mirador that has never missed a deadline. He is from Ohio. Ask him about hockey.

Jayson Fernbacher

Entertainment Editor

Staff Writer Sophomore Jayson Fernbacher enjoys playing croquet and reading the comics on Sundays.  He loves to write poetry and specializes in freestyling. His inspiration for each of his articles is his passion for news. If he had one weapon in an ...

Eloise Engs

Staff Writer

First year staff member Eloise Engs is a junior and is thrilled about writing for the Mirador, especially because it is located near the pool so she can arrive early to swim practice.  Motivated to get the maximum pool time she often begins taking t...

Katie Lyons

Staff Writer

Katie Lyons is a second year staff writer and the proud owner of a trusty banana case that she purchased from Home Goods. You will rarely catch Katie without a banana tucked securely in her case. Every day Katie wears a shark clip watch that she has ...

Lauren Nixon

Staff Writer

Lauren Nixon is a first year staff writer on the Mirador and is uber stoked for a great year! Outside of school Lauren can be found singing and dancing aimlessly anywhere she goes. She is the only one that believes she would be an excellent contender for ...

Jacob Randall

Staff Writer

Despite his tough demeanor, Junior Jacob Randall has a sensitive side.  His pastimes include playing with his pet bunnies, Marge and Roger, spending long periods of time reflecting on life, and walking places because he has yet to get his license.  ...

Isla Burch

Staff Writer

Sophomore Isla Burch is very excited for her first year on the Mirador team. Isla enjoys taking long walks reflecting her life decisions with her pet chinchilla, Maggie. Every Thursday she makes her way through the Lamorinda neighborhood to sing Christmas...

Anna Rei Brun

Staff Writer

Junior Anna Rei Brun is excited to start her first year as being a staff writer. She enjoys spending her free time playing with her cat Kit Kat and working on her ping pong game for a few hours before her night time glass of pomegranate juice. Everyday...

Laurel Weikert

Staff Writer

This is senior Laurel Weikert’s first year on the Mirador staff. Despite being an avid writer, she has a bad habit of not finishing

Paige Millham

Staff Writer

Paige Millham, a dog lover, tennis star, and world traveler splits her time between the mountains of Wyoming and sitting at her desk doing Honors English homework. She enjoys hanging out with friends, sitting by the fire, and enjoying a good book. Paig...

Lucy Kassela

Staff Writer

Lucy Kassela spends all of her time loving her two small puppies and baking, both of which bring her extreme joy. She loves long road trips, book discussions, and a nice bowl of soup. Lucy is extremely excited to show off her writing skills this year a...

John Mark Ozaeta

Staff Writer

Junior John Mark Ozaeta is excited for his first year on the Mirador staff. When he isn’t writing articles, he’s usually rowing for Oakland Strokes or telling people how to pronounce his last name.

Max Kreutzelman

Business Manager

Maximilian Kreutzelman, seasoned jello connoisseur, is a second year currency manager with a vexatious talent for noise pollution. Some of Maxim’s most treasured pastimes include chillin’ poolside in his tiniest speedo, insta stalking his not-so-secr...

Juliet Adams

Staff Writer

Sophomore Juliet Adams is very excited to be a first year staff writer for the Mirador. Her best friends are her King Charles Spaniel dogs Louis and Charlie because they are funny and always got her back. Juliet’s favorite pastimes include jumping rope ...

Stewart Fetzko

Staff Writer

Sophomore Stewart Fetzko is excited to be part of the Mirador Staff. Stewart enjoys spending his free time sitting down or sleeping. When he isn’t writing articles he's most likely to be found in his bed or not at all. ...

Pearl Biggers

Feature Editor

Pearl is thrilled to spend her third and final year on the Mirador staff, and her second as Features editor. When she isn’t ripping apart articles and being obsessively meticulous for the paper or sitting in front of the School Loop web page sobbing, ...

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