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Angelina Little

Angelina Little, Editor in Cheif

No longer will you find senior Angelina Little crying under desks and spending the period on Buzzfeed trying to find out where she will go to college based on her Chipotle order. Instead, Little is now the Big man on campus, or at least in the Mirador room, as Editor in Chief. As her “relaxing time to yell at people” (other than her boyfriend), Mirador is really where Angelina shines. When she isn’t diagnosing herself on Wed MD or trying to find a cure for RLS, she can be found lugging around 12 AP textbooks and looking at the restroom longingly, reminiscing about the days when she had the time to make multiple trips. This year, Angelina’s goal is to use the word ‘nook’ in as many headlines as possible and come up with a pun that tops “Trippiat”

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Angelina Little