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Pearl Biggers
Pearl is thrilled to spend her third and final year on the Mirador staff, and her second as Features editor. When she isn’t ripping apart articles and being obsessively meticulous for the paper or sitting in front of the School Loop web page sobbing, she likes to visualize growing just a liiiiiittle taller (her goal height is 5’2”), practice widening her eyes to astounding sizes, and nurture her children…or, as others might call them, vinyl records. Pearl can usually be found prowling around some independent book shop buying many more books than she has time to read. Beware if you catch her on a literary discussion binge! Warning signs include dilated pupils, unnaturally rigid posture, a sloppy bun, and wild gesticulation of her hands. If found in this state, back away slowly, reciting algebraic equations in a calming voice and she will likely lose interest. Lowerclassmen should also take care when approaching Pearl. She resents all of them for being taller than she is.

Pearl Biggers, Feature Editor

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Mar 24, 2016
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Feb 10, 2016
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Pearl Biggers