Drama’s Halloween Performances Spook Students

Pearl Biggers, Feature Editor

Mats exited the Miramonte theatre feeling thoroughly spooked on Friday, Oct. 21 following a chilling performance by the Drama 2 class.

The students’ assignment was to twist classic fairy tales into Halloween-worthy horror stories, and though their performances may have been a tad scream-heavy (I’m fairly certain my eardrums were bleeding), the groups were undoubtedly successful in their renderings. The performance took place during fifth period, and any students who were permitted by their teachers to attend were allowed entrance.

A particular favorite was the opening performance, a horrific version of Little Red Riding Hood, in which the wolf is not an actual wolf, but a serial killer who brutally murders both Red and her poor grandmother. The group’s sparing use of dialogue proved that less is more, letting the audience’s imaginations fill in the gaps. In general, performances that were shorter and that had linear, straightforward plots felt more tasteful (and easier to understand) overall.

Additionally, kudos ought to be offered to the talented student who took to the piano. His playing added a freshly spooky dimension to the performances.

The Halloween show was the class’s first public performance as a part of Miramonte drama, and it bodes well for Miramonte’s dramatic future. The Mirador looks forward to seeing what else these performers have to offer on stage.