What to do During Quarantine Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Pema Duffy, Managing Editor

Aries: Aries is a very active sign,so sitting at home all day doesn’t sound like a good time for you. Go outside and do some physical activity, whether you go for a long run or try out a workout video, you’ll feel so much better afterward. 

Taurus: No sign likes and appreciates good food like a Taurus. You enjoy a good meal and haven’t been able to go out and have one in a while. One night, tell your parents you’re making dinner. Find a recipe that sounds good and give it a shot, you might surprise yourself by finding your hidden talent! 

Gemini: Geminis are a very social sign, so it may be extra hard for you to not see your friends right now. Instead of feeling down, organize a Zoom call for all your friends to join! There are so many fun things to do on Zoom, you can play games like scribbles or even work out together! Seeing their faces and being able to talk to them will make you feel like yourself again. Don’t exile yourself because you can’t be a social butterfly during this time, you can still be in contact with your friends! 

Cancer: Although Cancers have a reputation for being the softies of the zodiac signs, it’s a good thing! If you’re at home with your family, make sure to spend time with them, you are naturally a home-oriented person. Take your dog on a walk with a family member or watch a movie with your family one night, you’ll feel so much better.

Leo: Leos are the beauty kings and queens of the zodiacs. You love to look good, and it usually comes pretty naturally to you. Use this time to take care of yourself and have a self care day. Don’t stop doing the things you enjoy over quarantine, you won’t feel good. Try out a new face mask or try changing out of your sweatpants more than a couple times a week. 

Virgo: Virgos are a very hardworking sign and you can most likely find them using their extra time during the day to get ahead. Instead, take a break. The sun has been out and strong in the Bay Area, so go outside and enjoy the nice weather. You can tan or sit under an umbrella, but take advantage of this time to relax, you deserve it. 

Libra: Libras like the finer things in life, so during this time you should treat yourself. Maybe shop a little online and buy something frivolous just because you can. Even though most stores are closed does not mean you can’t shop for something new! 

Scorpio: During quarantine, there has been a lot of false information surfacing in the news, and Scorpios hate dishonesty. So, during this time you will weirdly find a lot of happiness by disproving those facts. You love to be right and call out a lie when you see it, so this will definitely entertain you.  

Sagittarius: During quarantine, you can find any Sagittarius going crazy at home. The world is calling your name, and not being able to go and explore is making you upset. Use this time to improve your organization skills and try to do some light planning for a day trip once quarantine ends. You tend to just go and figure out logistics when you get there, try something new and plan ahead.   

Capricorn: Capricorns worry a lot, so you most likely have spent most of quarantine imagining possible scenarios such as the world coming to an end or an apocalypse happening, all of them being bad. Get out of your head and spend some time with your family, like Cancers, you are a family-oriented person. Use this time to connect with family and create a new tradition! Whether it’s something small like a game night or watching a movie, spending time with family will get you out of your head.

Aquarius: Many famous philanthropists are Aquariuses such as Oprah, Ashton Kutcher, and Ellen DeGeneres so you have a natural urge to help others. During this time, a lot of people are suffering, which makes you feel upset, but you can help out! There are so many organizations taking donations right now; whether you donate any amount of money,  share the organization on a social media page, or even volunteer at a food bank, it will help you feel a lot better. 

Pisces: Pisces are naturally creative and have an unexplained love for visual media. During this time, try and connect with your creative side by making something new. Whether it’s a painting or making a clay sculpture, you’ll find yourself having a lot of fun doing it.